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MPM 613 – Week 6 Discussion: A Virtual Team

Sep 19, 2023

Week 6 Discussion Board


For the purposes of this discussion question, you are to attempt to define what is meant by the terms virtual teams and collaboration software in relation to the study of project management. You are exploring this definition as a discussion question as a precursor to your individual assignment for this unit which will involve articulating some recommendations for the application of virtual teams and collaboration software for The Austin Project. Make sure when you are providing your definition that you do so with reference to the literature.

Week 6 Discussion: A Virtual Team

The virtual team can also be known as the remote team. A virtual team is a group of team members collaborating and sharing information from a geographically different direction using technology. In the virtual team, all the members of the team share information or communicate with each other virtually. Virtual means that people can see each other and share information, but they cannot physically be present in the same place. (Garro-Abarca, Palos-Sanchez & Aguayo-Camacho,2021, p.5). A virtual team is crucial for project management. The proper management of the project can be done if all the team members take the initiative to perform and try to communicate with each other related to the work issue they face.

In the team meeting, all the team members are present at different places. So, for proper communication, the team meets virtually through video conferences and video calls where they interact and communicate related to the project. A virtual meeting is vital to hold because it acts as the connectivity between all the team members, and all the members have the information related to the work that needs to be performed. In the virtual team, the team members communicate and work together on the virtual tools. The virtual team occurs when all the team members work remotely from various states, cities, and countries. The virtual team meeting helps to get informed about the various changes and work implemented in the project. 

The collaboration software enables the sharing of various data, files, documents, and other information among several users and the system. This software allows or helps remote users to work jointly on a task or project. In the collaboration software, all the remote teams work together and can get access to all the essential files and documents required for work. In the project, management collaboration software is very much helpful. In the project, it is natural that all the members are not available at the same time, so this collaboration software is essential for sharing important files and documents (Koranteng et al. 2020, p.1085). For the completion of the work, the team was required to transfer the various documents and files to each other, and with the help of this software, it became easy to work remotely on the project. 

The virtual team and the collaboration software are essential for project management. With the help of both things, it became easy to work on the new project. For proper communication, a virtual meeting is required, and for sharing information, collaboration software is required. Project management can be done successfully if these two aspects are there. These are the vital parts of the project that help the project be done correctly and effectively within the deadline provided. 


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