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MNGT 611- Module 1 Discussion

Aug 17, 2023

    Module 1 Group Discussion

    Click the Module 1 group discussion link above and create a discussion thread to answer the questions below. Include the question you are answering at the beginning of each answer. After posting your answers, respond to two other student posts with additional information from a website, your experience, or the course materials which expand or clarify their answer. Please respond to posts that have not already been commented on by other students when possible.

    1. Leadership Journey- Use pictures and logos to make a PowerPoint diagram of your life story focusing on the critical life events (positive or negative) that acted as a catalyst for change and personal growth. Read the ‘Image Post Instructions” attached above to see how to insert that PowerPoint as an image into the discussion board
    2. Type a description of your life experiences and how they shaped your understanding of leadership.
    3. Leadership Challenge Development Action Plan – Identify at least 3 ideas you can implement to strengthen your effectiveness in each of the five practices of exemplary leadership (total of at least 15 ideas). If you are currently employed. apply this to your current position. If you are not. apply this to a past experience. In either case, provide at least 3 ideas for each practice. The example provided would count as 1 idea, and feel free to delete the example if you also want to break projects down into chunks. Generic statements such as “clarify leadership philosophy” are insufficient whereas ideas that could be implemented are sufficient.

    Practice 1: Model the Way (At least 3 of the practices below)

    Breaks project into chunks – Example: Use 4DX methodology to break important goals down into actionable chunks.

    Clear on leadership philosophy

    Ensures values are adhered to

    Lets others know beliefs and values

    Practices what is espoused

    Sets clear goals and milestones

    Practice 2: Inspire A Shared Vision (At least 3 of the practices below)

    Describes the future we can create

    Shares future dreams

    Communicates a positive outlook

    Enlists a common vision

    Forecasts the future

    Contagiously excited about the future.

    Practice 3: Challenge The Process (At least 3 of the practices below)

    Seeks Challenges

    Stays up to date

    Challenges status quo

    Looks for ways to innovate

    Asks ‘What can we leam?’

    Experiments and takes risks

    Practice 4: Enable Others to Act (At least 3 of the practices below)

    Involves others in planning

    Treats others with respect

    Allows others to make decisions

    Develops cooperative relations|

    Creates an atmosphere of trust

    Gets others to own project

    Practice 5: Encourage The Heart (At least 3 of the practices below)

    Celebrates milestones

    Recognizes others’ contributions

    Gives praise for a job well done

    Gives team appreciation & support

    Finds ways to celebrate

    Module 1 Discussion

    The life experience which help me to understand leadership took place when I was in my college. In my college days, I was elected as the leader of my group for a competition that was about to be held in the college. As the leader, my duties are to assign jobs to others and to see that all the things are done properly and on time. The positive side of leadership which I can to know that I came to know about lots of things and gain knowledge related to the management of the work. I gain knowledge that how to handle the crucial movement and take the decision according to the circumstances. I had to learn how to work properly by keeping in mind every group member. The negative side of leadership is when people do not like to take advice or follow the rules of the leader which led to create the differences between them and conflict take place. But in the end, the competition was completed successfully and in the end, our group is the winner of the competition. 

    Leadership Challenge Development Action Plan

    Practice 1: Model the Way

    Break project into chunks- The project which is needed to be handled should be broken into chunks so that it can be easy for others to understand the work and perform well in that. According to my past experiences as a leader, I used to segregate the project so that it can be helpful to work on it (Daniëls, Hondeghem & Dochy, 2019, p.115). 

    Let others know beliefs and values- As the leader previously I make sure that the others also should know the belief and values which I follow so that it can be helpful to complete the project

    Set clear goals and milestones- I was always clear as the leader that what goal I want to achieve and what action need to be taken to achieve the goal.  

    Practice 2: Inspire A Shared Vision

    Describe the future which we can create- As the leader in the college, I always describe the future which I want to create whether it is related to a small project or for the achievement in life.

    Communication a positive outlook- I always believe that communication helps to solve any problem and this is exactly done in my leadership days whereby communication I solved the issue which arises with others (Rudolph, Murphy & Zacher, 2020, p.10). 

    Enlist the common vision- In my past leadership, I used to enlist the common vision to make the project successful and we can come to a conclusion without any disagreement.

    Practice 3: Challenge The Process

    Seeks challenges- I was always ready to take the challenges which come on my way during the completion of my work because challenges help to learn new things. 

    Look for a way to innovate- I always want to innovate new things as the leader so that it can add benefit to our group as well. 

    Experiment and risk- Experiment and risk are the major part which is incorporated into every project. According to me, leadership cannot be done without any experiment and risk, and for this reason, I have taken a risk and done various experiments to complete the work.

    Practice 4: Enable Others to Act 

    Involve others in planning- In my leadership days, I always make sure to involve others in the planning process because it helps the people to interact with each other and provide their ideas and will work enthusiastically.

    Treat others with respect- As a leader, I believe that respecting others is necessary in the working environment. If we respect others and their opinion then others will also reciprocate in the same way and will understand each other well.

    Allows others to make decisions- Allowing others to make decision help to motivate them and train them to deal with a difficult situation. If people will able to take a decision then they will be able to learn new things about the work.

    Practice 5: Encourage the Heart

    Celebrate milestones- People should always celebrate the success of others to motivate them As a leader I believe to celebrate success and to appreciate the perversion of the team as well. Recognize others’ contributions- In my leadership, there was a situation where I was not able to find the solution to some problem but the other junior help me out and I recognize his effort which motivate him and others as well (Oc, 2018, p.220). 

    Tells others about teamwork- After the successful completion of the project, I told others about our group work which helped us to get great recognition for that. 


    Daniëls, E., Hondeghem, A., & Dochy, F. (2019). A review on leadership and leadership development in educational settings. Educational research review27, 110-125. 

    Oc, B. (2018). Contextual leadership: A systematic review of how contextual factors shape leadership and its outcomes. The Leadership Quarterly29(1), 218-235.

    Rudolph, C. W., Murphy, L. D., & Zacher, H. (2020). A systematic review and critique of research on “healthy leadership”. The Leadership Quarterly31(1), 101335. 

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