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MHR 7800- Week 3 Discussion: HR Profession

Aug 26, 2023

Week 3 Discussion Board

The Current Events Discussion board will occur on several occasions throughout this course. Your initial post should summarize an article that addresses an HR-related topic that is covered in this week’s material. The article must be from a mainstream newspaper (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal), SHRM, or a mainstream business magazine (e.g. Forbes). The article may not be more than two months old. After summarizing the article, explain its connection to the course material, the implications to the HR profession, and your opinion on the matter. Make sure to properly reference the article. In your posts to your classmates answer the following: What additional implications are there? Do you agree with their opinion (Why or Why Not)? How can the information from this article be used in the daily practice of HR? You can choose to either do a presentation with a screen recording and voiceover. a webcam video. or a written text reply.

Week 3 Discussion: HR Profession

The article which is covered here is related to the HR-related topic which is the rise of the worker productivity score. The article is written in the New York Times and it is written by Jodi Kantor and Arya Sundaram and is written in 14th August 2022. The article here states about the defection of the work hours of the employees. The article states that it is not easy to detect the work hours of the worker as sometimes there are chances that the manual work is not counted properly for those who are working remotely. The issue here is all about the system which was not able to capture their labor work and due to this their compensation is also there at work as the system enables them to show the labor work in the system. Here the trust is made in the team and the employees that they have done the labor work that they said as there is no virtual record of the same what they are saying correctly and trusting them is only an option. But in the organization, trusting is not all about it (Darsana & Sudjana, 2022, p.2695). The article reveals that many of the US companies out of 10 companies 8 of them track the productivity of the company through the time of the clock they have worked here.

Now the progress has been made related to it where productivity is managed `digitally people are doping remotely by using the ideal button which means that the stop or quiet and if the ideal button exceeds the time then the list of pay or the loss of the job can take place. Here the explanation is provided that the tracking helps to understand the productivity of the work and how the work is taking place as well. The use of tracking helps to reduce the time at work and speed up the work as well. The article here explains that the tools can be powerful but dangerous as well because there are sometimes in online work sustain where the person has to sit for a long place and have to move the cursor for the work’s sake as well. The only work is considered to be more anxiety and depression as the work did not get completed properly.

The article this related here which that of the course material. As in the course material, the explanation is made related to the new business environment and the changes which are done in the organization as this article is all about. The article here explains the various work environment and how the changes in the technology and the working part help to do the work in a fast process and save time the work as well (, 2022). So, it can be said that the article and the course material are related as both of them are related to the issues related to the HR problem as well. It can be said that both the work is all about the HR related and the issues which take place.


Darsana, I. M., & Sudjana, I. M. (2022). A Literature Study of Indonesian Tourism Human Resources Development in the Era of Society 5.0. AL-ISHLAH: Jurnal Pendidikan14(3), 2691-2700., (2022) The rise of the worker productivity score retrieved from: (Retrieved on 14th August 2022) 


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