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MGT 461- Week 8 Discussion: End of Course Survey

Aug 22, 2023

Discussion 2

End of Course Survey

All students need to complete this survey as it provides valuable information for us to better meet your needs, improve our courses, and provide for a better overall student experience- which is one of the Three Pillars of Excellence upon which Grantham is built If you have not yet completed your survey (these are needed for every course) please select End of Course Survey and do So now. It is needed for the following Discussion Question:

‘After completing your survey, share what you feel s the most valuable suggestion for improvement. Share only what you are ‘comfortable with. Ensure you placed this suggestion in the survey comment section. Suggestions for improvements in the course

Week 8 Discussion: End of Course Survey

For the past eight weeks, I have been doing this course and I think I have been able to learn a lot. It has been a good experience since every week we needed to be involved in some activity or other and it kept us engaged. The best thing about any course is that it should involve interaction to ensure activeness on the part of each student. This course has been successful in doing so with its peer reviews and discussions every week. Even the assignments given every week were a lot interesting and involved a lot of research which helped in enhancing my knowledge dimension. The reading activities given in the course helped in providing an overall idea about the topics and in addition the video lectures were quite helpful in giving an insight into the topics.

However, according to my experience, I would like to suggest certain improvements in the course like the video lectures could be made a little more engaging with the use of technology so that it appears more attractive to the viewers and it could grab their attention. Moreover, a lot more engaging activities like video making or surveys could be included. In addition to this, the course could involve such topics for assignment which requires a lot of thinking and debating.

Other than this, the course does not lack anything in the content. Its syllabus is made in such a way that it could encourage students to study and discuss their ideas by posting them on the portal. The concepts became clearer as I proceeded through the course. I even found the topics learned, very absorbing. The entire course aims at encouraging practice through consistent involvement. I enjoyed the entire course.

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