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MGT 435- Week 4 Discussion 1: Organizational change

Jul 31, 2023

Week 4 Discussion 1

Think of an organizational change that you experienced. Cite one or more change models to support your assertion. Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length. Support your claims with examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.

Week 4 Discussion 1: Organizational change

Organizational change is one of the most sensitive areas in an organization. One of the organizational changes which I have experienced is the company transition from a manufacturing company to product marketing and customer service. Due to the transition, my role is changed previously the company was only doing the manufacturing part but now several other things have been changed. Now the employees are to be trained from the beginning related to the handling of the customer and their complaints (Abuselidze, Bilyak & Mračkovskaya, 2021, p.5). Due to the change, many staff has to resign prematurely and others find it tough to do the work so they gave up the job. Now the new job needs lots of time management, knowledge which many people opposed. 

The leadership makes the transition more successful by applying various ways. Firstly, proper time management should be there so that all the work should be done according to time. Secondly, the management should listen to their customer and the problem they are facing and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Thirdly various suggestions should be given to the employees related to handling the customer so that they can solve the grievances of the customer. Fourthly customer preferences should always be the first priority the employees should understand that the marketing can be done smoothly if the product is provided to the customer preferences. Lastly, active listening should be done to understand the customer’s requirements properly and help them out with the same (Daniëls, Hondeghem & Dochy, 2019, p.112). 


Abuselidze, G., Bilyak, Y., & Mračkovskaya, N. K. (2021). Methodological and Practical Issues of the Organization of the Personnel of the Enterprise and the Implementation of Changes to its Structure. Studies of Applied Economics39(8). 

Daniëls, E., Hondeghem, A., & Dochy, F. (2019). A review on leadership and leadership development in educational settings. Educational research review27, 110-125. 

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