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MGT 295- Exploring O*NET

Aug 22, 2023

Topic: Exploring O*NET

Navigate and explore the O*NET [#’ website to learn about all of the resources it has to offer for career planning.

Discuss what resources offered on the O*NET website will be useful to you at present and in the future. Research your current career industry and position. Research a career and position you aspire to pursue. Explain the steps you plan to take to transition from your current industry and position to your desired career industry and position.

Week 3 Journal: Exploring O*NET

Various resources are available online are O*NET website will be useful at present and in the future. The resources which can help me in the future are job-related, skill-related, and career-related topics. it is seen in the resources that there are various resources on the site, This resource will help me in the present and as well in the future. It helps me to understand the job duties and the career path which I should take so that it can be helpful in the future as well. The resources like this help to understand and provide the knowledge that how and what think should I choose and will be benefitted as well

My current career industry is the management industry where I work as a trainee in the organization. As I was new to the work so I do not have good knowledge about their work so here I am the trainee and learning about the industry related to the work which needs to be done. The current position is good as I get to learn about the various aspect which needs to be taken care of and will also help me in my future when I get another position in the organization (Smith, 2022, p.5).  Here the position of trainee is the learning position where I get to learn more about the company and the work which needs to be performed. This will help to understand what work needs to be performed properly and in the management industry, we learned about how to manage the work properly.

The career industry which I like most is the management industry where I see myself in the present and the future. The position which I like the most is the HR position which is the human resource management place. This career industry will be helpful not only in the present but also in my future as well. As it helps to understand other people well and to manage the organization as well. It is an important matter for the management of the organization and I want to understand its way of work because this is nowadays the most important thing. After all, if the organization is not managed properly then there are chances that the organization will not run properly; it and the growth in the organization will not take place.

There are several steps that I plan to take so that transition can take place from the current position to the desired position and they are listed below-

Firstly, I want to learn new things so that it can be easy for me to understand what things need to be done so that I can be easy to take a step forward related to that (Boon, Den Hartog & Lepak, 2019, p.2500).

Secondly, the other step is to get the proper information about the position and to try to understand the due and the responsibility which comes with the position. It will help to understand the work properly

Thirdly I like to perform work in my present job position so it can be helpful for me to get the desired position by the promotion of the job.


Boon, C., Den Hartog, D. N., & Lepak, D. P. (2019). A systematic review of human resource management systems and their measurement. Journal of Management45(6), 2498-2537.

 Smith, C. B. (2022). ProjectXPrep. net: The Development of a Project-Based Learning Resource Website (Doctoral dissertation, Morehead State University).

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