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MGT 208- Week 4 Discussion: Change Control

Sep 8, 2023

Week 4 Discussion Forum

Why is the change control process important in project management?

What are the likely outcomes if the process is not used? Support your answers with examples.

Week 4 Discussion: Change Control               

The change controls are done in the project management to overcome the unpredictable situations that can arise and to minimize the unwanted outcome of the project. The change control process is important in project management so that no unnecessary changes can take place in the project and all the changes are properly documented for the future. The change control in the project helps to provide good services without any disruption and all the resources can be used effectively.

Change control processes are used to manage changes in the operation related to the manufacturing of products or rendering services to customers (Nicholas & Steyn, 2020, p.5). They focus on creating value for customers. It helps to increase the quickness of the system such that it can match the variable customer or market demands without causing delay or wastage of any kind.

In case, the change control process was not used, the system would lose its flexibility and due to the external cause, the changes that can take place may not be properly planned It might have an unpredictable outcome. This means, the desired output may or may not be achieved. Moreover, the purpose of change may never be achieved and more damage than good may be caused to the existing system. For example, if in the manufacturing company where the clothes are manufactured control process is not there then the company will not be able to cope with the unpredictable situation that might take place related to the shortage of resources or large changes in orders that came up any time or the resources distribution (Pan & Zhang, 2021, p.5). This outcome can take place at any period. To cope with the situation a control process is required in the organization. It helps the organization to run effectively and helps in solving the issue that has been generated or can take place at any time in the future.


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