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MGMT 661- Topic 1 DQ 1: Malicious Software

Aug 23, 2023

Topic 1DQ 1

Describe why malware analysis is important to the public, both in our personal lives and business lives. Explain your rationale.

Topic 1 DQ 1: Malicious Software

Malware is known as short-form malicious software.  It is a dangerous malicious or venomous piece of code. The main function or objective of the malware is to harm the device and to steal information by utilizing vulnerabilities in the security framework (Ijaz, 2019).

Malware analysis aids in acknowledging how malware menaces behave so the security department can respond quickly to them. Malware analysis instruments dispatch and prioritize high-fidelity alerts. Being aware of the advance in the attack timeline aids the security department in retaining the time of reaction, rather than misusing the time with untrue positives.

In the field of business, malware analysis is very much important for keeping valuable information aside from many rival businesses or organizations. Keeping aside the information is important because if any wrong hands take control of the IT systems in a business, devastating things can happen (, 2021).

In our daily life, malware analysis will be equally important to save our crucial information. Information like bank details, important documents, pictures, etc. can’t be given into the wrong hands. Hence, before waiting to get the malware attack, it’s better to prevent rather than cure.

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