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MGMT 615- Week 8 Discussion- Organizational Change

Aug 25, 2023

WS: Discussion

Week 8 Discussion – Organizational Change

Discussion Question(s) for Response:

While many factors are driving the pace of organizational change today, four (4) factors stand out; globalization, technological changes, the rise of the knowledge worker, and the importance of cross-functional collaboration within organizations. Bearing in mind that change is now the new normal, what must organizations do to effectively manage the rapidly changing internal and external environments within which they conduct business?

Week 8 Discussion– Organizational Change

Now in today’s time, the changes are the new normal that is taking place and all the organization is going to the certain changes within the organization as well. four factors stand out; globalization, technological changes, the rise of the knowledge worker, and the importance of cross-functional collaboration within organizations. It can be said that these factors are the important factors in the recent period. according to recent time, it can be said that the changes in the organization are taking place rapidly and so accordingly the organization also need to get changes. If the organization does not change then the organization will fall behind in the competition (Fisun et al. 2022, p.5). The changes in the work help to know the new ways of learning and the work as well. For effective management, the organization needs to understand and know what new changes need to be implemented in the organization so that the organization can run most effectively and efficiently as well. The things organizations do to effectively manage the rapidly changing internal and external environments within which they conduct business are stated below

For the internal

Distribution of resources- The organization should ensure optimal and effective distribution of key resources to different departments so that they can be able achieve their targets hence making an organization more effective in the provision of goods and services. The resources should be distributed equally so that in the organization all the people get equal resources to work.  If the equal distribution of the resources is done within each department will get equal resources for the world. With good resources, they can work more effectively and efficiently and help to increase the overall growth of the organization as well.

Internal strength- It should focus on internal strength by changing its structure and equipping employees with the right resources which will enable them to be more productive. Employees should be given the right compensation package which will motivate them to work hard. In the organization, one of the things that matters the most is the internal strength of the organization. The organization should look after the strength of the organization in which part the organization is better and where some rectification is needed. In short, the organization should have the knowledge related to its strengths and weaknesses so that it can able to work according to erase the weakness nomad helps to strengthen the business more properly. If the internal organization re good then the employees are motivated and work effectively. If the weakness of the organization can be known then the work can be done on that s=to bring the changes into it as well

Training- Having all the resources with ineffective employees is a waste of time, so the organization should concentrate on training their workers, to have impacting skills, and enable them to have the right experience in the workplace. Training in the organization is a crucial part of the organization. The training of the employees should be done so that they can be able to complete the work properly and most effectively (Malagon et al. 2020, p.100). If the proper training is done then the employees will have the full knowledge related to what work needs to be done and how the work needs to be performed as well.  Training could include a suite of micro-learning online modules, or a blended learning approach incorporating face-to-face training sessions or on-the-job coaching and mentoring. With the right training, it helps them to understand what mistakes they need to avoid and how to work so that growth can be taken within the organization.

For the external

Competitors- When it comes to external analysis, an organization should have a competitor profile that will enable it to utilize its weaknesses and improve its productivity. The organization should have all the proper knowledge related to the competitors of the organization it can be said that if the competitors of the organization if known then it is helpful for the organization to understand the what are the changes that should be looked at now. If the knowledge of the competitors is there then the organization can work accordingly-

Demographic factors- The organization must have knowledge related to democracy within the organization ads it’s helpful to understand which product can be the best seller and the needs and wants of the customer as well. Companies with successful products and services evaluate the demographics of their target market to ensure they meet the needs of those who benefit from their offerings. The demographic factors help to understand which factors need to be more focused on so that the growth within an organization can be done properly and effectively as well.


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