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MGMT 610- Week 8 Reflection Discussion

Aug 29, 2023

W8: Reflections

I am interested in knowing what was valuable to you in this course. Please share two to three main takeaways from the learning – be specific.

I continue to try to refine it so it addresses some of the key issues we all may be facing in our complex world. Your comments are valuable for future classes.

Week 8 Reflection Discussion        

When it comes to the course, I have enjoyed every bit of it. At first, I found it a little complex to understand some weeks hard to understand. However throughout I course, whatever difficulty I faced was all worth it because the assignments section helped me learn about how a cross-culture organization works in two different cultures. Moreover, I can say that the workload of the course is very decent as there was only 1 discussion and 1 assignment to be done in a week. The lectures and the reading materials attached to the course are very helpful if I was struggling and stuck in finding some information from the course library, I utilized the references given in the reading section. The most interesting thing I found in this course was the discussion as the topics were crystal clear and easy to solve. Meanwhile, we have come to know about our peers’ opinions on the discussion topics.

The course assisted me in imparting and gaining a lot of knowledge about cross-cultural management. I have come to know that peoples belonging to different cultures in an organization brings diversity and different outlook to the premises. They can be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses and work towards more on improving themselves (Tomar, 2019). Through research about cross-cultural management, I have come to know that Dubai, Toronto, London, and Hong Kong have a vast number of diversified workforces.

However, when it comes to addressing the major issues of the course, then I can say that the course is fun and knowledgeable, however, there were no opportunities for extra credit assignments. If in some assignment or discussion, we are unable to score well on the first chance, we end up losing our grades there. This is not my first course with AMU, I have enrolled in various courses, therefore I am looking forward to such extra credit assignments and discussion boards in the coming courses I am enrolled in.


Tomar, B. (2019). The Importance Of Cross-Cultural Management. Retrieved on 3rd October 2022, from:

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