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MGMT 610- Week 7 Discussion

Aug 26, 2023

From a global perspective, give examples where your accepted/familiar way of motivation may work in one culture but not in another.

Week 7 Discussion         

The employee’s motivation perspective varies from one individual to another based on their values. It is also influenced by various cultural variables like social norms, behavior, and belief systems. Many business executives value cultural diversity the most and consider it an asset for their organization instead of a hindrance or obstacle. Similarly, they also develop their competencies via research of different socio-economic, political, and religious background that governs the market country as a whole. To motivate employees from different cultures, business executives are required to implement extra care and skill.

They need to interpret the situation and develop a motivation strategy that fits an individual personal needs and desires. Moreover, business executives need to continuously work towards designing a motivation strategy that is culturally aware and assists in maintaining a harmonious and productive multi-cultural workspace (Monster, 2022). It can be designed in three steps which include interpretation of current organizational and employee behavior, communication expectations, and fostering positive reinforcement.

In the US business executives tend to implement more motivational strategies which include intrinsic and extrinsic rewards that help boost the employee’s encouragement, reinforcement, monetary bonuses, etc. The researcher Deresky in his study notes that the organizational executive should not entice its employees to work harder and gain various monetary bonuses. Instead, they need to cut the salaries of their employees to motivate them and push them to work harder towards their goal achievements. It might be a very different employee motivation concept, however, this method reinforces the work ethics of their employees.

No matter whether the business executive uses materialistic rewards, threats, recognition, or emotional appeal, employees’ motivation across different cultures is still a crucial leadership aspect as it serves as a driver to the employees for accomplishing their organizational and interpersonal targets. On the other hand, when the business decides to send an ex-pat for international assignments, it becomes more crucial for the organization and employees to research and understand the different cultural behaviors to dissolve the cultural barriers and accomplish their tasks well.


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