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MGMT 610- Week 5 Discussion: Global Organizational Structure

Aug 26, 2023

Choose and evaluate one example of a current global corporation and how it managed its global organizational structure.

Week 5 Discussion: Global Organizational Structure

In this discussion forum, I am going to include Apple which tops the list of designing and manufacturing the world’s best and most user-friendly smartphones, tablets, personal computers, accessories, and wearables. The company’s products are available in all developed and developing countries such as the US, India, Europe, Japan, China, etc. This multinational and multi-technological organization comprises a globalized organizational structure that comprises multiple factors and features that contribute to the organization’s success and ability to develop opportunities for business growth (Forbes, 2022).

Now talking about the organizational structure of Apple, it contributes to rapid and effective innovation of the organization. As a result, it has proven to be a critical success factor for information technology, online services, and the electronic product industry. Apple’s organizational structure comprises the workforce, resources, groups, and interconnection between employees and managers in the organization. The Apple organizational structure maintains a traditional hierarchy system with various elements from different organizational structures. With the phenomenal organizational structure and leadership of Tim Cook, the organization had become a trend and suited for the current global market and industry demands. Its hierarchical organizational structure comprises the spoke and wheel hierarchy system, weak functional matrix, and product-based divisions (Meyer, 2022). Therefore, it assists the organization in establishing strong control and organizational flexibility.  


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