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MGMT 610- Week 4 Assignment- Annotated Bibliography

Aug 27, 2023

Week 4 Assignment- Annotated Bibliography


Your final research paper will be based on the topic you used for your research outline. You may use the readings assigned in the class to supplement your research. To complete this task, you will need to go into the APUS Library to find other peer-reviewed, scholarly articles. Prepare an annotated bibliography of articles collected to date on the topic selected. You will format your paper in APA style, and write two or more paragraphs for each article. In addition, please refer to the reference below for more information on annotated bibliographies. This assignment is worth 10 percent of your grade.

Week 4 Assignment- Annotated Bibliography

 “Väyrynen, R. (2019). From conflict resolution to conflict transformation: a critical review. The new agenda for peace research, 135-160. Retrieved on 21st September 2022, from:

This research article talks about the nature of conflicts in the organization, ongoing theories, and conflict resolution methods. It further talks about how conflicts in police departments may lead to improper work. Even if the conflict between the employees and the manager is small, with time it remains unresolved and can create big issues in the police departments. The article suggests the distinction between the political conditions and the periphery plays a major implication in resolving organizational conflicts.

It also revolves around the conflict resolution techniques that have made much progress in the past few years and now play a crucial part in the organizations for resolving conflicts. With this article, I have also come to know about various conflict resolution approaches which had become attractive for many organizations who were concerned about the issues of peace and conflict within their premises. The study uses the explanation of the war between Chechnya and Russia from 1994-96 to show the conflict resolution importance.

“Raines, S. S. (2019). Conflict management for managers: Resolving workplace, client, and policy disputes. Rowman & Littlefield. Retrieved on 21st September 2022, from:

This article revolves around the story of the two organizational managers named John and Elisse who are working hard to apply various principles and practices for conflict management in their workplace. The organizations of both managers belong to different industries, however, still they are participating actively in managing the conflict to ensure a smooth and calm working environment. Through their experiences shared in the article, it analyses various strategies for conflict resolution that various organizations can apply on their premises to address the conflict.

This research article is perfect to be applied to both the private sector, non-profit sector managers, and public sector managers to help in addressing the conflict in their organizational premises. Even this article is also very informative for all those organizational employees who are looking to become managers as it provides a set of skills that will help them in managing conflict.

“Park, J., & Hassan, S. (2018). Does the influence of empowering leadership trickle down? Evidence from law enforcement organizations. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 28(2), 212-225. Retrieved on 21st September 2022, from:” 

This article is published to inform the researchers about implementing the leadership practices that help in lowering the conflict at various levels of management. It also analyses the behavior of public managers toward their supervisors to empower the traits of leadership within themselves. Here, it is also analyzed whether the subordinates of the managers are pushing efforts to improve their performance in the organization or not. The data for this research article is collected from the 3 surveys that are distributed to 101 managers in the Department of Police.

The results analyzed show that public-level work managers are using leadership practices to improve their work performance and get more opportunities for promotion. Overall, this article provided a perspective of the employees desiring to get promoted to a higher level through learning conflict management traits via various theories.

“Puaschunder, J. M. (2019). Intergenerational equity: Corporate and financial leadership. Edward Elgar Publishing. Retrieved on 21st September 2022, from:

This article is basically about the 2008-09 World Financial Recession which had called for responsible market behavior to achieve unprecedented momentum. Through this article, the final research paper may be comprised of various CSR and FSR concepts that can be applied to conflict management. The research uses various theories and concepts through which CSR and FSR can be directly used in conflict management. It revolves wholly around the financial recession and the impact it had on the market.

The various chapters in the article also shed light upon the intergenerational equity in human responsibility and ethical foundations. With this article, the concept of intergenerational equity will also be cleared. It also talks about various 18th and 19th-century economic reforms which had impacted the market as a whole.

“Soliku, O., & Schraml, U. (2018). Making sense of protected area conflicts and management approaches A review of causes, contexts and conflict management strategies. Biological Conservation, 222, 136-145. Retrieved on 21st September 2022, from:

This research article focuses on the geographical components that lead to conflicts in organizations. It talks about the various previous research that were based on the protected area’s conflicts which focus on accessing and knowing the causes of the protected areas’ conflicts without considering the development contexts of these conflicts, The article contributed to finding the differences and similarities of the protected areas conflict in terms of both developing and developed countries.

The article collected the data and information after reviewing the 65 publications from the pool of 516 biological, ecological, social sciences, and interdisciplinary literature from the years 1993-2016. The results analyzed that the protected area’s conflict may occur in the organization however varied between developing and the developed countries. In developing countries, the protected areas conflict may have an impact on livelihood, and in developed countries, it is driven by social considerations.

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