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MGMT 610- Week 3 Discussion: Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Decision-Making

Aug 25, 2023

This week’s discussion deals with cross-cultural negotiations and decision-making.

To do so, we will explore negotiating in a global situation. Include the answers to the question within your initial post this week.

Discussion Question:

Describe the art of negotiation in a global situation. What are the stages of negotiation and what role do styles of negotiation play? 

Week 3 Discussion: Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Decision-Making

In the corporate world, achieving negotiation is very difficult and even much more difficult than achieving success. Arriving at a negotiated settlement and winning the other side of the people is the most intricate task for business executives. Negotiations comprise everything right from management science to business calculus, politics, diplomacy, and much more. As the world of business is changing and expanding, the art of negotiation has become more volatile and evaporative. An individual cannot suppose that the negotiated statement would stay for a certain period. Instead, it may arise at anytime when the individual wishes to (MBA Knowledge Base, 2022). Meanwhile, successful negotiating persons are those who have the capabilities of transforming all their organizational efforts into the most tangible benefits and in competitive formations. On the other hand, those who fail at the art of negotiating can make their organizational team and product off the values.

In the process of the art of negotiations, there are five major steps which include preparation, probing, and purposing, defining the ground rules, information exchange, problem-solving and bargaining, clarification, and conclusion and implementation (SNI, 2022). Meanwhile, there are five types of art of negotiation such as compete, collaborate, avoid, compromise, accommodate, and avoid. The styles of negotiation play a crucial role in organizations where individuals are trying to reach an agreement and resolve the organizational conflict between employees and management.


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