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MGMT 610- Week 13 Discussion

Sep 8, 2023

Week 13 Discussion Board

Boeing is a great example of a company that has emphasized its lean practices for several years research a company that has implemented lean practices. Provide the details here. What did they do? How did it implement the practices? How long did it take? What are the quantifiable results? Make sure to include links to your resources.

Week 13 Discussion

A lean process is a practical approach for improving overall operations in a manufacturing or other sector. Some benefits of implementing a lean process include better quality, waste elimination, fast delivery of the product, and many others. Continuous improvement in the overall operation of an organization is the primary aim of executing lean processes in business. Toyota is one of the leading automobile manufacturing sectors, and it implements a lean process.

The company eliminated waste and added some best practices and techniques to minimize the production of faulty products that did not meet customers’ needs. They added some processes known as Jidoka, according to which even some of the automated and humans continuously checked the overall quality and strength of the product. The company also introduced a built-in program that allows the machine to shut down if someone spots any problem.

The company added the JIT model to its daily operation. According to that, the following process of any task will be started only once the existing or previous step is completed. Thus, if any flaw is observed in the assembly line, no extra or unnecessary task will be added or completed (, 2022). Some of these lean processes helped the company get more profit and improve its existing operations.

Reference, (2022), 4 GOOD EXAMPLES OF COMPANIES THAT USE LEAN MANUFACTURING, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 23-11-2022]

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