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MGMT 603- Week 6: Research Paper – Part |: Organizational Development

Aug 26, 2023

Week 6: Research Paper – Part |

To complete this task, you will need to write the first half of your final paper. To be successful, a minimum of five (5)_pages of substantive content for your final paper must be submitted in APA format Grading Criteria:

Please ensure that you review the grading criteria for this assignment carefully, to ensure that you receive the highest possible grade for your work! Read the instructions in detail before beginning this assignment. Please ask questions if necessary. Turnitin Information: Your paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin when you submit your paper through the “Assignment” section of the classroom. As a guide, the similarity score is the percentage of an assessment that directly quotes other sources and should be no more than 10%. Please note that this refers only to direct quotes within the body of the text and does not include the reference list or cover sheet. Anything more than 10% will be subject to evaluation and loss of points if plagiarism is detected.

Organizational Development

Introduction of the company

Apple is one of the top brands in the work. Apple is known for its electronic products in the market. Apple is the top-rank brand in the market for its products and the services it provides to the organization as well. The company focus on the latest trend and customer wants and needs and due to these reasons, it is mostly liked by the customers. This assignment will; give information related to the SWOT strategies of the company. The Apple design nomad manufactures laptops, iPhones, digital players, and various electronic products, The company always follows the rules of the latest innovation in the market. According to the company, it believes that the customers should always use the latest technology products and should upgrade themselves as well.

The company has a direct link with the customer by various means. The barrio’s retail shops and branches are being opened so that the company can able to connect the various people and also understand their needs and wants. Through the various mediums, they directly interact with customers without any involvement of the third party in the organization.  The company knows that the brand should connect with their customer and this is only the way to connect with their customer The interaction with customer help to understand their taste as well.

Products of the company

There are various products that the company offers like the iPhone, iPhone, headphone watches, MacBook, and other various accessories of it as well (Adel, Omar & Abdulammeer, 2021). There are various competitors but as the company manufactures good quality products for their customers the customers get more attracted toward the brand as well. The products of Apple products give good performance quality to the customer and it is the reason that it is mostly liked by all; the people in the organization as well. Companies try to target the audience of the young and the middle age because the young people are mostly attracted to the brand and try to purchase the product this also implies that middle age and they are well settled so they can easily purchase the product. The company launches various new products at some interval of time which is the upgraded version of the previous model of the product as well.

Different types of products

The Apple company does not only depend on the same kind of product but they change the product and believe in a variety of options for their customer. There are several competitors in the marketforf the company. The main product of the company is the iPhone. MacBook and various other electronic products (Tian, Xiao & Shang, 2022).  The competitors tried to compete with the company but they were not able to do as the company has already made a position in the market that is hard to break. There are various loyal customers in the market of the company who always purchase the product from this particular company rather than any situation.

Services provided

The company is known for the good services that the company provides to its customers. The company provide fatter sales services to the customer and try to listen if the customer is facing various type of issue in the organization. There are various services that the company provides to their customer and some of the services that Apple provides are original programs, insurance against loss or damage, music streaming, and smart assistance services (Budiono et al. 2020). The other services that the company provides are AppleCare for incidental coverage, iCloud for document coverage, Apple One for entertainment needs, and Siri for smart home and device control

Strategies of company apple

One of the strategies that Apple uses is the differentiation strategy in the company. In this strategy, the price of the product is higher than its competitors. The reason is that the product is different from its com operators and is made with the latest technology as well so the higher the prices between the good quality is being considered here.

Marketing Strategy

Various marketing strategies are used by the company and they are listed below-

Create a good customer experience– One of the marketing strategies that the company adopts here is providing a good customer experience. Where the customer can get the proper attention so that they can able to understand and put their query as well. If the customer gets the food experiences from the product, then they will be time-loyal users of the organization and will purchase this brand product.

Provide a good product– One of the strategies that the company always focuses on providing a good product. If a good product is given to the customer, then the customer will always purchase the product without any doubt.

The theories that the company applies

One of the theories which the company applies is the X theory. In this theory, carrot and stick management is being done. According to this, the workers who are hired in the organization should be loyal to the company. Steve Jobs used the McGregor Y Theory according to his belief that the worker should be motivated enough in the organization and the right push is given to them so that they can challenge themselves to work. This is the reason that sometimes he because hard toward employees in the organization as well. (Aliekperov, 2019).

Product differentiation strategies

The Apple company always uses differentiation strategies in their product as well. The company always makes sure that their product should be different from the other competitor’s products as well. For differentiation, the company always sets a standard higher for the product than the other competitors’ products. For the product differentiation strategy company uses various methods they are listed below-

Firstly, the company makes sure that it uses the latest technology and innovation in the product so that it can make its product different from the other competitors as well. The company also uses the latest technology so that it can attract a large part of the market. Innovation is one of the product strategies used by the company.

Secondly, the other product strategy used by the company is to put the price of the product higher than the competitors. The product of the company is higher as compared to its competitors in the market and the reasons for that they always say that they provide good quality products and their product price is higher. It can be said that though the product price of the company is higher still the customer wants to use the product from this brand rather than its competitors because they know about the product and its services in the market as well.

Thirdly the strategy which is used by the company in the case of product differentiation is that the company provides aftersales services which many competitor companies did not give benefits to (Wichmann et al. 2022).

The marketing theory

The marketing theory that Apple follows is the Marketing mix.

Marketing Mix

The four marketing mix strategies are stated below-

Product- One of the marketing mixes is the product. In the Apple product marketing mix, it can be said that the company makes a good product that provides good performance to its customers as well. Its product Apple is different from that of its competitors. The reason behind this is that the company also makes sure that they make the product by using the latest technology and innovation while making the product.

Price– The prices of the product of Apple are higher compared to its competitors as the company believes that it uses the latest technology (Amron, 2018). The prices are fixed and the product is affordable to the middle class and the rich people as the lower middle-class people cannot afford the product to use. Though the product is high they attract a large part of the customer in the organization and it is the reason that the product sells so much and the company is ranked among the top brands.

Place– The company opened various retail shops or branches of the brand that sell only Apple products. There are various branches all over the world and it is the reason the customer easily gets the product from anywhere as well. The various branches worldwide help the company to acknowledge the feedback of the customers and get their experiences with the product so that it can be correct according to their preferences

Promotion– The company promotes its product by providing good products as the company believes humans are the top people for promotion. If the customer is happy, they will promote the product as well.


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