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MGMT 601- Nike Campaign “Just do it.”

Sep 15, 2023

Would like to have a PowerPoint presentation for user-generated content for Nike Campaign explaining what they did, objectives, results, and a conclusion (Attached is for reference-Coca-Cola) — This website explains and you can use other websites

Just do the references on the last slide

Number of slides: 4-5

Nike Campaign “Just do it.”

Nike was founded in the year 1964, and year 1988 Nike changed their slogan to do it. The Nike campaign was successful because Nike’s marketing is not limited to certain things but relies on influencers and celebrities. The brand always supports individual athletes and always works with people who are on the same path, which helps to make the brand name stronger. The Nike campaign motivates people and encourages them to remove and break the human barriers that come their way and stand up for what they believe in. They motivate people to chase their dreams. The campaign changes the consumer’s thoughts and encourages them to be uplifted. 


The main objective of Nike is to expand in the market. To understand the behavior of the customers in the new market, the company does a campaign so that they can able to get familiar with the region and the behavior of the people toward the products. The company wants to increase its value and attract more market customers (Intravia et al. 2020, p.1221). The company wants growth in the company with that, and it wants to attract more customers for the product so that they can know about their product. The main objective of the campaign is to get to know the consumer properly and make the product accordingly so that everyone can able to enjoy the product of the company. 


The result of the Nike campaign was impressive. The campaign helps to encourage customers to not only purchase from Nike but also participate in their calling. Due to the campaign, the company’s product sales increased by 21 percent. The company earned $ 163 million and added $ 6 billion of value to Nike’s brand. Due to the campaign, Nike can increase their shares in the North American domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43%. The camping helps Nike get more attention from the customer to purchase the product and helps the company’s growth (Leduc, 2022, p.5). The main result is that the upliftment is seen in the company sales, which helps to gain more profit in the market. 


Nike is enjoying its consistent profitability because of its goods shoes, diversion in the product, and maintaining a good relationship with the supplier and the customer. The campaign helps the company get more attraction, and Nike also gets to understand the people well and their requirements for the product. It can be added that the campaign helps the company understand the consumer demand and taste more prominently according to their region and the areas. This campaign motivates people to purchase goods from the company more often. Nike’s strategy helps the company gain the attention of the consumer toward their product, which helps in the growth of the company and its sales. 


Intravia, J., Piquero, A. R., Leeper Piquero, N., & Byers, B. (2020). Just do it? An examination of race on attitudes associated with Nike’s advertisement featuring Colin Kaepernick. Deviant Behavior41(10), 1221-1231.

Leduc, J. (2022). Kneeling for Justice: A Study on How the 30th Anniversary of the Nike” Just Do It” Campaign Starring Colin Kaepernick Was Portrayed by the Media (Doctoral dissertation, Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa).

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