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MGMT 300- Week 1 Discussion: Leadership Style

Aug 29, 2023

  1. Describe a leader you have experienced, including the context (e.g., industry type, leader title, your role) of the experience.
  2. Explain what specific leadership style the leader applied using information from the text.  Be specific by describing leadership characteristics and behavior, as well as outcomes.  Use examples to support your claims.

Week 1 Discussion: Leadership Style

Various types of leaders are there in the organization and all the leaders have their style of working. The leader that I experienced is the democratic one. The things I have experienced in the construction one. Here in this construction field, the leader whom I get to know is the manager of the worker. There I was working in the management team. There I saw that the manager who is also the leader of the worker is a good leader. He makes sure that he indulges each of the workers in the work and communicates with them related to the work. He shares good bonds with workers and the workers like him too. The style he chose for leadership is democratic. Democratic leadership is one of the most popular leadership styles because it involves input from the entire team and fosters employees’ sense of ownership in their work. This style is one of the best styles in the organization (Hilton, Arkorful & Martins, 2021, p.5). I have also seen that the worker loves to work with the manager because of his helpful nature. He makes sure that he helps each of the workers in their work and tries to motivate them as well so that they can work more properly and effectively as well. This experience of leadership helps me to understand that the workers should always be treated properly so that they can understand that the organization in which they are working is their organization and they are part of it as well. If they think that they are part then they will give their full effort. The manager should always try to listen to their query so that he can understand what issue the worker is facing in the work and also try to help them out in their work as well. The experience that I gained by seeing the leader is that he is one of the best leaders anyone could have as I have seen that he always tries to motivate his workers so that they can feel good and work enthusiastically in the organization as well (Kilicoglu, 2018, p.7).

The style that the leader is using is the democratic style one of the most important and mainly used styles by various organizations. This is one of the leadership styles which is appreciated by various people. In democratic leadership, the leaders always try to indulge workers with them in the work and also communicate. Here the leaders make them feel motivated and try to solve the issues that take place with them. Leaders treat them equally at work and try to involve every person equally. Here in this leadership style members of the group participate in the decision-making process. This type of leadership can apply to any organization, from private businesses to schools to the government. Here it is seen that all the workers get equal importance in the work and get the help of the leaders as well in their work. Here the leader makes sure that the worker is comfortable in the work and they are not getting any kind of issues in the work as well.

The behavior of leaders who follow this leadership is simple and they try to understand each of the workers as well. Here leaders believe in communication and group work. Here leaders do not complain or command their workers about the work but instead, try to understand then that what they are trying to face or what issue needs to be resolved so that the workers can work properly and effectively in the organization as well. The reason that the democratic l; readership style is best is that it tends to focus on group equality and the free flow of ideas, the leader of the group is still there to offer guidance and control (FAKHRI et al. 2021, p.5). The democratic leadership style can be one of the most effective styles of leadership. This leadership style values collaboration and affirmation of followers. Due to democratic leadership, there are various advantages to the organization which are listed below-

Wide range of ideas– It can be said that due to the democratic leadership style, there is a high range of ideas as all the people work together so the new ideas generation can also take place. With the wide range of ideas at work, it helps to complete the task with more accuracy and more properly as well.

High employee engagement– It can be said that due to the democratic leadership style high employee engagement will take place as more employees will engage at the work as they will like the way of doing the work as the leader is making them feel comfortable and try to help them as well (Barthold et al. 2022, p.675). It creates more engagement at work as well.


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