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MGMT 206- Week 2 Discussion: The Issue of Supply

Aug 25, 2023

Weekly Discussion Question – (25 points)


For this discussion question, you are to thoroughly examine the issue of supply from a strategy and organizational standpoint. Once again, we would like you to discuss this issue as it relates to your role as an ASDG consultant supporting the work of Highpoint Barnie.

What sort of key priorities do you think are essential to bringing forward at this point in terms of helping Highpoint Barnie be prepared to meet the supply issues that are going to be essential in the days and weeks to come? In articulating your answer, once again, please be specific regarding strategy in the organization and articulate at least three main points that should be emphasized as a result of this overarching examination of the issue of supply.


For this discussion question, you are to write a response to these questions you have written in the form of an expository response. Identify the points in the literature where these key elements emerge.

Week 2 Discussion: The Issue of Supply

The issue of supply can take place from a strategy and organizational standpoint. As an ASDG consultant supporting the work of Highpoint Barnie, I need to look after the supply chain and the issue that is taking place related to that as well. Various supply issues can take place in the organization and some of them are listed below-

Labor shortage– One of the issues in the supply chain that can take place in the organization is the shortage of labor. Due to the shortage of labor or the unavailability of labor in the organization, the work did not get completed which creates a problem in the supply of the product within the particular time limit.

Equipment availability– Various circumstances take place where the proper equipment availability will not take place. The equipment is sometimes not available which affects the production as well as the supply of the product  (Nunes, Auser & Ciolkosz, 2020, p.5)

. If the equipment is not available then the product cannot be made in the proper time and this less top affects the supply chain of the organization as well.

Transport failure– Transport is an important factor in any organization. It can be that the transport earlier is one of the major issues which takes place in the various circumstances as well. Transport failure is one of the issues which majorly take place and due to that the material did not back to reach the action place in the proper time.

The sudden shortage of material– The material is an important part of the production without which the production would not be completed. Due to the shortage of the material, the production of the product that hampered., The production was stopped due to that and the supply was not able to take place as well. The sudden shortage of the material taking place due to the unusual circumstances leads to the issue in the supply of the product to the actual customer.

To overcome the situation related to the issue of the supply certain precautions are to be taken and they are listed below-

The raw material should be kept extra– the organization should be ready with the extra raw material so that in the case of a future issue they can able to tackle the situation more promptly. If the extra raw material is there then it will be helpful when there is a shortage of the product. To ease the shortage of raw materials in the organization one should always be ready with more products so that in the future they can be utilized and do not happen in the supply chain in the organization as well.

Retain the labor– The organization should always retain its labor because if the organization has the proper labor, then the work can be done properly and effectively. To retain labor organizations should motivate their employees in the work. If the proper training and development are provided to the laborers then they can understand how things should be done properly without any problems (Remko, 2020, p.350). The labor should always be repeated so that the workers do not get affected due to it and the supply of the goods can take place without much issue in the organization.

Proper transportation facilities– The organization should be ready with the transportation in the organization. The transportation facility should be available so that the work can be done without any much issue in the organization. If the proper transportation alternative is there then the work can get completed properly without any issues in the organization as well. The alternative facilities should always be there so that in case of any uneven situation the supply of the product does not get hampered or delayed as well.


Nunes, L. J. R., Causer, T. P., & Ciolkosz, D. (2020). Biomass for energy: A review on supply chain management models. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews120, 109658.

Remko, V. H. (2020). Research opportunities for a more resilient post-COVID-19 supply chain–closing the gap between research findings and industry practice. International Journal of Operations & Production Management40(4), 341-355. 

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