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MBA 6000- Final Research Paper

Aug 31, 2023

Overall Purpose for the Final Research Paper:

For this paper, you are to pick one issue. Some examples are sexual harassment, high turnover, outdated processes, fraud, unsafe work environment, ineffective communication, misuse of social media, etc., that is taking place in your organization, or an organization of your choosing (i.e., Enron, Walmart, Volkswagen, Yahoo, etc.).

You will then choose 2 of the 3 concepts (organizational culture, leadership, ethics) to examine your central issue with. In other words, you are analyzing how the 2 components you chose, negatively impact and perpetuate your central issue.

Once the issue is examined, you will then discuss recommendations that could help decrease your central issue, as well as help the culture, leadership, and/ or ethical climate (depending on which 2 concepts you chose).

Final Research Paper


Sexual harassment is uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature, especially by a person in authority toward a subordinate.  Sexual harassment or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature. The sexual harvest can take place whether in public places offices or schools. It is most common that the sexual hardest sometimes take place in the organization as well even though there are strict and zero tolerance issues the organization considers it. Sexual harassment is one of the issues that majorly take place in any field of work and makes women uncomfortable working in a particular organization.

Here this assignment will focus on sexual harassment and its impact on the organization’s culture and ethics. Here the analysis of the topic is done where the entire information related to sexual harassment is provided as well the recommendations is there which the organization should make so that this type of issue does not arise in the organization as well (Cortina & Areguin, 2021, p.285). The recommendation is provided that what steps the organization should take to reduce the issues.

Here the information related to sexual harassment covered Mac Donald’s. Here the topic will be covered with the information of this organization and provided the details of it as well. The assignment will give detailed information about this company and the analysis is also done on that part.

Purpose statement

Sexual harassment is one of the common things which take place in the organization. The main purpose of taking this issue is because nowadays it is one of the major things which take place in the organization. The purpose of it is to understand what are the things that led to the rise of sexual harassment in the organization and what are the negative effects it causes to organizations as well. The 2 components that are impacting the sexual harassment issue are the cultural and ethical issues that take place in the organization as well (O’Callaghan et al. 2021, p.5). Here is the main reason for taking this issue this issue is one of the major issues that women face and had to go through a hard time in the organization as well. Here the focus is made on the issue so that it can be easy to understand what things led to its rise. The main purpose is to understand the problem and provide the correct solution to Mac McDonald’s as there are cases situated to it.


In this, the proper analysis is done related to the sexual harassment which takes place in the organization. The case of sexual harassment came from Mac Donald. Here the claim of sexual harassment has taken place and was written on Nov 12, 2019, by Alina Selyukh in an NPR business article where Ries says a store manager repeatedly harassed her, called her names, pulled her hair, and at one point, when they were working next to each other in the kitchen, even placed his penis in her hand. According to the filing, Ries witnessed similar harassment of other women and girls, and reported the co-worker to the general manager — but the behavior continued. That’s when workers filed numerous complaints against McDonald’s, with the backing of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the labor group Fight for $15. Here it is the proof that these things happen in the organization and for which the female employees have to suffer a lot in the work.

Here the analysis of sexual harassment is done by the two components is organization’s culture and the second is ethics.

Organizational culture

Sexual harassment led to a negative impact on the organization’s culture. All organization has certain rules and regulations at work that need to be followed by the people or the employees working there. Here are some of the factors stated below that lead to the negative impact on the organization’s culture-

Lower productivity– Due to sexual harassment in the organization one of the negative impacts which can take place on the organization is that productivity in the organization will be decreased. As in the case of Mac McDonald, it is also seen that the productivity of the company has decreased because due to this issue, the people try to skip coming to work and will not be focused on the work as well (Boyer, 2022, p.405). Due to this the product of the product did not take place properly and the company has to face the loss of productivity or low productivity as well. It can be said that this is one of the reasons for it.

Loss of reputation in the market– Due to the sexual harassment taking place in the McDonald’sThe company the company lost its reputation in the market and people did not trust the company to work there. As the trust issue is created for the problem that has taken place and the employees did, not want to work at the organization where they did not feel safe at work or where personal security is not there. It can be said that this sexual harassment case which took place in Mac Donald’s company led to the loss of reputation, and the people did not want to invest in this company.

Increased absenteeism– Due to the aerosol of the sexual harassment case in the organization and the people came to know about it the same the employees especially the female ones remained absent or left the organization because they know that if they worked in such an unsafe organization then this situation can take place with them. So, for their safety purposes, employees remained absent from work or left the organization as wall as they did not want to work where they felt unsafe at work.

Negativity at work– The workplace is full of negativity and that is the reason that people do not want to work there as they feel that the environment is full of negativity and here, they cannot be able to perform their work properly (Goh et al. 2021, p.5). The employees think that they will be scared that this situation can take place with them as well if they work here and this negative thought does not let them work properly and effectively in the organization. This is the reason that people are ready to quit their work and join a place where they can get a positive environment to work.

Harassment lawsuit– It can be said that the negative impact on the organization’s culture is due to the harassment lawsuit. Due to the sexual harassment cases in the Mac McDonald’, there are various lawsuits have taken place for the issue in the organization. Due to such lawsuits, the organization is getting the most issues and their various cases are there under it as well. It distributes the organization’s culture and the people are not interested in working where they do not get good and positive vibes at work.

The behaviors in the workplace culture worsen the issue.

The behavior in the workplace culture which worsens the issue is stated below-

Firstly, when the organization is not taking any of the steps related to the issue which has taken place in the organization and taking things as if nothing happened at all (Vaughn, 2022, p.976). This worsens the issue and gives the advantage to the people to continue the wrong deed as they know that no action can be taken and nothing will happen to them for their bad deed.

Secondly instead of seeing and finding out the issue the organization is trying to cover up the situation so that the people do not know. The hiding of the behavior of the wrong people led to worsening the culture of the organization and people will not be able to trust the company to work.

Thirdly when the organization does not take the issue seriously and is only focused on the work, this leads to a loss of trust among the people in the organization, and the people will not believe in the organization.


Ethics in the workplace is defined as the moral code that guides the behavior of employees concerning what is right and wrong regarding conduct and decision-making. Ethics means doing the right things even when no one is watching. If in the organization the proper ethics are followed then the organization’s growth can take place (Lee, Lee & Lee, 2022, p.367). A good ethical climate is necessary for the workplace without it there is no chance of the survival of the organization. It is believed that one of the factors creating unethical and deviant behaviors (like sexual harassment) in an organization is the ethical climate. Although most studies in the field support this, there are contradictory results as well. It is found that the perceived organizational climate is significantly related to the ethical decision of the employees. It can be said that the ethical climate of the organization negatively contributes to sexual harassment and some of the reasons behind it are stated below-

Unethical behavior of higher authority– It can be said that the ethical climate which can be adverse to the situation in Mac Donald’s or any of the organizations is the unethical behavior of the higher authority (Faghihi, SEIFI & NATEGHI, 2021, p.5). Here unethical behavior can be termed as the behavior where the higher authority prefersMcDonald’sdecisions the employees at work and provides facilities to the employees irrespective of their talent and skill at work. It can be said that the organization should make it clear that the work that is provided to each of the employees is all about their skill and talent and not for preference. Due to this unethical behavior in the organization, negativity arises in the organization as well.

Unethical decision-making– The ethical climate which led to the rise of sexual harassment is the decision-making process. Various circumstances take place in the organization which led to the rise of sexual harassment (MacDonald, 2018, p.5). Due to unethical decision making the higher authority did not take strict action against the people who were wrong Doping led to a rise in cases as the people believed that nothing would happen to them even if they made any mistake. This led to the rise of cases in the organization and the sexual harassment cases rose as well. So, it can be said that this is one of the unethical behaviors which is taking place in the organization as well.

Violating the company rules and regulations– The other instances which led to the rise of sexual harassment in the organization is when the employees or the managers of the company violate the rules and the regulation of the company. The rules and regulations that, hat are made in the company so that all the work can be done properly without any issues and the people will abide by them as well. But in case the rules are not applied or the violation is made and even then, no proper actions are taken then it causes the rise of harassment. People are okay with the fact that it is not a big issue to not follow the rules and regulations of the organization.

Abusive behavior of higher authority– The main reason for the rise of sexual harassment in the organization is the rise of abusive behavior in the organization. It is seen that the manager abuses their employees for the work or for any small mistakes that create negativity in the environment and are not ethical as well (Hershcovis et al. 2021, p.2). If the manager does this sort of thing, then the employees naturally feel that it is not a big issue and they can abuse exact another well. With this, sexual harassment cases also rise in the organization as well. With the rise of sexual harassment cases in the organization the work environment hampers. So, it can be said that the organization should know what work they are doing and should take strict action against it

The ethical behaviors further continue the issue of sexual harassment are stated below-  

Firstly One such case which takes place is calling people different names. This can worsen the situation and can be one type of harassment to the individual as well (Galdi & Guizzo, 2021, p.645). Calling and harnessing female employees with bad names or tagging them or checking them out gives rise to the sexual harassment of the organization as well.

Secondly, another sexual harassment is harassing female employees by making some sort of signs or taking some bad language or vulgar language and claiming that it is okay as these words the situation of the sexual assessment in the organization

Thirdly when the manager intentionally makes the female client work more work even after the shift and makes them uncomfortable at work or passes some bad comments then it also affects the work condition of the organization. It led to ethical behavior in the company and should be avoided.


It can be said that the recommendation is related to the sexual harassment that takes place in this organization. The recommendation is for both the component cultural and the ethical. In the case of culture can be said that one should make sure to create a positive environment in the organization so that it can be helpful for the female employees to work for the organization (Berthelsen & Hølge‐Hazelton, 2021, p.115). Secondly, the company should not cover up the situation rather than come out and talk about the issue so that other people do not think of doping as an act. As per it is [previously seen in the Mac Donald the company had taken the issue and compensated as well and it helps to understand the issue and mitigate the problem as well.

In case of the ethics, the first recommendation is that the organization should take strict action against the person who is doing the bad act due to the issue employees have to face the issue. Secondly, the company should make sure that no favoritism is done and all the rules are completed and abided by the employees as well (Wiens & MacDonald, 2021, p.1110). It was previously seen in Macdonald’s that the rules are not abided which led to the rising of sexual harassment in the organization.


Here it can be concluded that sexual harassment is one of the issues that take place in various organizations and one should always make sure that this type of situation does not arise in the organization. Here detailed information is provided related to sexual harassment and the proper focus is given to the two important components that can negatively contribute to the issue. The discussion of organizational culture and ethics has been discussed in this. An example has been also provided related to the sexual harassment case of Mac Donald so that it can be easy to understand what action is taken.

Further, it can be said that this is one of the most common issues which is faced by female employees in the organization. The organization should take strict action against those people who are involved in this activity who does not follow the proper rules and regulation of the organization.


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