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MBA 600- Week 6 Discussion: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Aug 7, 2023

Read the article Culture eats strategy for Breakfast. (select the title link to open)  So say some industry experts and management consultants. The challenge, as presented, is that initially, culture-rich organizations are not as financially viable. Culture = Costs. However, over time, organizations with rich, actionable Cultures are more profitable. It takes time to achieve both.


Week 6 Discussion: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Culture is one of the important topics in the organization. It is seen that in our industry there is both type of organization the one which believes in the cultured one and the other that only believe in growth. Nowadays it can be said that culture has been washed out from the organization as people are working only for their paycheck and after completion of their work they did not bother enough to look to the company’s growth or make some initiatives. The company only believes in the profit-making process rather than building up the culture (Duezeh & Ifechukwu, 2021, p.5). Culture is considered to be one of the most important aspects of every company. It is seen that if the organization did not follow the culture then it will not be able to create a great impact on the industry.

It is seen that the company which is rich in culture has always attained growth in the business. A cultured organization always values its values, vision, and mission. Employees who work in the cultured organization do not only work for their paycheck but work also for the growth of the company.  They feel that they are part of the company and the team and are always ready to contribute to the company. The people working in the organization can learn about the company culture through their training in the organization. Proper training within the organization about the culture helps to understand the organization more properly. It can be said that cultured organizations are more profitable organization than any other organization. In a cultured organization, the employees know how to behave with the other person in the organization (Kulapov et al. 2019, p.216). Culture building can be considered as costly in the beginning but it can be considered a long-term investment. The new employees who joined the organization only by seeing the values and the cultures of the organization and in what way they will be treated in the organization. In a cultured organization, every individual is important to the organization, and any action which will be taken by keeping in mind how it will affect their employees. One of the cultured organizations in the industry is the TATA which is cultured as well as one of the growth trending organizations that value their employees and their hard work as well.


Duezeh, E. A., & Ifechukwu, A. A. (2021). MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT AN INDICES FOR ORGANIZATION GROWTH; ISSUES AND CONCERNS. Nigerian Journal of Social Development10, 1.   

Kulapov, M., Odegov, Y., Sidorova, V., Sidorov, N., & Zotova, E. (2019). Corporate culture of organization: Typical and Russian model. Montenegrin Journal of Economics15(1), 215-226. 

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