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MBA 600- Week 5 Discussion: Professional Learning to Leadership Effectiveness

Aug 7, 2023

For this discussion, share one mode of learning you use (other than your MBA coursework, of course, &). What is one way you continue to learn and grow? Name what it is, and share how you access it.


Week 5 Discussion: Professional Learning to Leadership Effectiveness  

I use visual learning as a mode of learning. Visual learning is one of the learning models which helps to understand the topic properly without any problems. The visual format of learning helps us to learn the topic fast because the topic is in the picturized form which retains in the head as well as we can see and hear the words which intact in our memory (Gidaris & Komodakis, 2018, p.4368). In visual learning, we get the explanation and detail of the topic in the picturized and with visual effect which creates more interest in the topic. Visual learning can be of any type whether it’s video or PPT both have some graphics, pictures, or sound which make the learning process more interesting and more clear. 

One way through which I will continue to learn and grow is by interacting with people and by watching videos on YouTube. Interaction helps to understand other people’s opinions on the topic which we need to know. It helps to understand what others are thinking about the topic and sometimes we came to learn from talking to others about the topic. Watching the videos also helps to understand the topic well and we will get the perspective of what it is trying to say about the topic and can easily differentiate with my thought. If we interact with the other person we will be able to learn something new from them and help to attain the knowledge that they get from their experience. This is one way to learn and understand new ideas or viewpoints from the other person (Shu et al. 2019, p.1112). YouTube is one of the online sites where we get almost videos of any learning and we can get some information from there. Though there is some information that is not correct on YouTube but certain information we can get on YouTube helps us in our learning. Taking access to YouTube videos is easy as it is a site that runs through the internet and is free to watch which is budget friendly also to use. 


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