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MBA 600- Discussion: Roses and Thorns

Aug 4, 2023

Discussion: Roses and Thorns
Let’s share what we liked most (roses) about this course, and what we liked least (thorns). Please be honest but practice professional decorum. Is there a particular module’s content or assignment you enjoyed? Likewise which module or assignment was not of interest to you?

Discussion: Roses and Thorns

The thing that I like most in this course and consider to be a rose in the course is related to decision-making and managing conflict. The decision-making process helps us to make a decision related to the organization. The decision-making process helps to understand the work properly and likewise, the decision-making process helps me under the key element.

The decision-making process helps me to know what decision should be taken at what time so that growth in the company can take place (de Araujo et al. 2021, p.46). The other thing which I like the most in the model is related to the concept of managing conflict. The major thing that I like about the course is that it expands properly on the management of conflict in the organization and provides a brief discussion on that. The topic of communication which is discussed in chapter 19 of the book is very much interesting as it explains the use of communication whether it is verbal or nonverbal. It describes that effective communication is critical for professionals in the management industry and can be used in the learning portion. Communication is an essential part of any organization and if proper communication takes place in the organization then growth can take place.

The concept which I like the least and can be referred to as the thorn is related to the leadership concept. In this concept, we have to bring out the past activity of the leaders rather we should look at the recent leadership quality which must be changed or to be implemented. This coursebook mainly focused on the past activity rather than the recent activity of the leadership. So according to me, I can say that all the other thing is good in the model and the thing that we need to change is related to the leadership of the past leaders (Radovic Markovic & Salamzadeh, 2018, p.10).


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