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MBA 600- Discussion on Organizational Change

Aug 10, 2023

Discussion on organizational change

Company 1: Examine a company that has endured and is considered sustainable. Select a company that is at least 25 years old.

How has that company changed over time? How have they remained relevant? How is change derailed in organizations? What can managers do to prevent the failure of change processes? How should a business balance what it does well, today, with what it will need to do in the future? Can the firm do both activities well?

Company 2: Strategizing Change – the Certainty of Innovation. Identify a technological innovation that you believe will impact an industry.

How will it impact the competitive landscape? Which company is likely to thrive? To struggle? What tools can a manager use to scan the external environment in an effort to anticipate potential organizational changes? Consider the various approaches to organizational change. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Under what conditions is one approach more suitable than another?

Discussion on organizational change

Company 1

The company which changed over time is Apple’s multinational organization. The company is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, software, and online services. The company is formed in 1976 in Los Altos, California, U.S. The CEO of the company is Tim Cook. 

Apple remains relevant because they were aware of the recent technology and the trend. The company always follows the new fashion and the given major focuses on the customer taste and preferences (Podolny & Hansen, 2020, p.87). This quality of the company makes it relevant and one of the most profit-making companies worldwide. 

In the Apple organization, there are some changes that get derailed and they are stated below-

Innovation– It can be said that though the company is giving its best and trying to get in the trends there are some factors where innovation is required in their product. Some electronic companies are making the latest innovations in the product which Apple has yet not added. Some of the more features need to be added to the product. 

The things which can managers do to prevent the failure of change processes are stated below-

To bring more innovative ideas-To prevent failure in Apple the manager should be more focused on bringing innovative ideas and setting the trend. If the innovation takes place in the company then it will be able to attract more customers in the company and the customer will purchase more products. Though the company is doing but should attract not only the young generation but all the generation people. 

Establish a solid action plan– The manager should implement a solid plan before taking any decision. If the proper plan is made then it will help in the growth of the company.

Communicate with the customer and know their response- To prevent failure the manager should communicate with the customer and record their response so that it can help to understand the customer’s needs and demands.

The Apple business needs to balance what it does today with what it needs to do in the future. Today Apple is one of the most used electronic products and it attracts customers with its new features and good customer service. (Park et al. 2019, p.8). In the future also the company need to add more innovation to their product so that it can attract more customer. 

Yes, Apple can do both the activity well because it is a multinational company and it can easily handle any kind of situation. 

Company 2

The technological innovation that I believe will impact the industry is electronic bikes. It is because the main advantage of electronic bikes is it is pollution cheaper and can easily available. It will help in the easy commute system and make the environment cleaner. It gets change from solar power and with the batteries which is 100% friendly. 

The company which is likely to thrive or struggle is the electronic car or bike company. As now a day everyone is preferring eco-friendly products and if the car and bike companies do not change according to the preferences of customers then they can struggle hard to get the customer’s attention on their products (Day, 2020, p.5). 

            The tool that can a manager use to scan the external environment to anticipate potential organizational changes is the SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis helps to understand the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats to the product and can scan it also. 

The approach to organizational change is Lewin’s Three-Step Change Model which is stated below-

Unfreezing-The unfreezing means to stop the existing state or the product.

Moving– It means to adopt or change toward a new way. It means introducing new the organization

Refreezing– It means stabilizing and solidifying the new change that takes place. 

The Advantage of Lewin’s Three-Step Change are stated below

Firstly it is easy to understand what changes are needed to be done.

Secondly, It is easy to communicate and make others understand the process. 

The disadvantage of Lewin’s Three-Step Change is-

Sometimes this model can become rigid and does not reflect modern times. 

This approach is most suitable than others because other approaches take time to understand and implement but this approach is easy to understand and implement (Pejhan et al. 2021, p.10). 


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