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HRMT 600- Week 7 Discussion 2: Thesis Statement for Final Research Paper

Aug 22, 2023

When HR professionals and managers are faced with an issue or trend, the HR professional or manager will prepare an analytical study for their organization in an effort to bring clarity and solutions for the organization as well as identify what actions the organization should take so it is not negatively affected. Additionally, they will often network with other professionals to seek their perspectives and experiences on the topic, compare their approaches and solutions, as well as identify benchmarks.

For this discussion thread, you will provide your problem or thesis statement for your final research paper and/or a summary of what you are hoping to accomplish.

In discussing and responding to classmates, you want to provide meaningful feedback and help your classmates to explore their topic and achieve their ultimate goal.

Week 7 Discussion 2: Thesis Statement for Final Research Paper

In this discussion forum, I am going to include what I am trying to achieve for my final paper. As talked about earlier in research assignments, the veteran population of the US seems to be incapable of organizational work, and therefore, organizations and companies test and experiment the Veterans at various levels in order to hire them. Afterward hiring when veterans work in the organizations, they need to bear various emotional tortures on a regular basis. Even though veterans come from very decent and disciplined backgrounds, they need to prove their skills and talent, again and again, to secure a good position in the workplace, unlike civilians.

Furthermore, this will be a thesis statement or problem which will be included in my final research paper in a more elaborative manner. The final research paper will focus on how we can solve the problems veterans face when starts working in organizations and companies. It will also talk about what issues the majority of the veterans face in the organizations and why they are not treated as other civilians when they had transitioned themselves into civilians.

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