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HRMT 3670- Module 8 Assignment: Case Study 2

Aug 10, 2023

Module 8 Assignment: Case Study #2,

Assignment Instructions

You are the human resources manager for the local police department reporting directly to the Chief of Police. Members of the police force belong to a union although the support staff does not. ‘The police department is organized into four divisions (street patrol, traffic, investigations, Special Forces), with a captain heading each division and reporting directly to the Chief of Police. Each department has 2-3 staff and at least 10 police. Police start in the street or traffic divisions and are promoted to the investigations or Special Forces divisions. In past years, there have been 5-7 have been primarily people born and raised in the ‘openings per year due to retirements. Recruit community. ‘The community is a college town of roughly 30,000 people during the summer and 45,000 to 50,000 during the school sessions. The college students are extremely diverse with no ethnicity. ‘Comprising a clear majority. The community itself is diverse but has a significant minority representation. Many in the community are either retired military or active or retired faculty members.

You have been receiving an increasing number of complaints from college students that they are being purposely targeted and harassed by the police, particularly the street and traffic patrols. To address these complaints, you worked with the Chief to assign one police person from each division t0.2 community-policing project under your supervision. The officers you were assigned were less experienced or older and waiting to retire. Although the officers in the project continue to report positive interactions with the community, the complaints continue. Although you have been giving complaints that name a specific officer to the appropriate division ‘captain and Chief of Police, you do not receive any information back and, therefore, cannot determine what is communicated to the specific officers. Meanwhile, the union representative sent. You a letter complaining that you are harassing the officers and causing undue stress, which increases the risk of harm and health problems. ‘The division captains also complained to you that their officers see the community-policing staff as receiving special privileges and not having to work as hard as the rest of the officers. Many see this 25.2 reward for poor performance. Based on the information you learned in this course analyze this case by thoroughly answering the following questions (remember that you are the human resource manager). You may need to make ‘assumptions to fully answer the questions. If so, clearly indicate the assumptions you made and why. You will not need to use any outside resources. Identify at least 3 problems there are more) that you should address. For each problem identified, develop a plan that you will follow to address and resolve the. Problem. Identify any issues or unintended consequences that may arise as the problems are addressed and include a way to mitigate (i.e. prevent) the issues. Once the problems are addressed, what steps will you take to prevent problems in the future?

REQUIRED: Use all the lessons learned from the modules thus far to create a holistic case study response.

 Public human resource management


The following study would be highlighting the plans and measures that are to be undertaken to mitigate the issues, which would be identified within the following study. The following literature would also be illustrating which actions need to be undertaken if the mentioned strategies lack gravitas.


First issue

The first problem that ought to be addressed in regard to the case study is that the Policemen who are associated with a union are harassing the college students intentionally. The concerned entities are not issuing any form of verbal or legal complaint against those officers even though the policemen are taking biased actions against the college students who represent the minority segment. The community of the students comprises individuals who are from various ethnicities. There are also retired officials within the stated community. Most of the harassment is initiated against college students from the traffic and street patrols. This is a major issue for college students.

Second issue

The second issue is that the college students of the community are not aware of their fundamental rights. It has been reported that the students are using unfair means to pressurize the policemen. Reports against the students have stated that the students are unnecessarily harassing the policemen and this has been negatively impacting the policemen’s mental and physical health. The second issue is also to be taken seriously, as it can lead to criminal charges against the students, which has the potential of tarnishing the bright future of the students.

Third issue

The third issue in regard to the case study is that the policing staff of the community receive special forms of privileges. Allegations have also erupted against those policemen regarding negligence in their duty, as they do not work as hard as the other policemen. This has been ridiculed by several critics as a reward for its poor form of performance.

The solution to the first issue

In this regard, college students should be more aware of their fundamental and legal rights. This would aid in portraying their rights when any policemen within the union try to harass them or be an obstacle with respect to their daily activities. The students can:

  • Enhance their knowledge by reading informative material or books that depict the legal and fundamental rights of students within the nation.
  • They can approach a legal advocate to take legal consultations in case they are unlawfully held or harassed by the policeman.
  • The students can also approach the principal or dean of their college in this context, as a college principal has a good network of legal professionals who can help the students in case they encounter any form of harassment from the police’s end.

The strategies included within the stated plan possess nonviolent motives and would be welcomed by an authoritative figure. This would lead to no amount of conflict and hence it can be illustrated in regards to the plan that the plan can be successfully incorporated. However, the students should restrain themselves from participating in any sort of protest, as this may turn things worse.

The solution to the second issue

The solution to the second issue is embedded within the first mitigation strategy. College students should be knowledgeable in the context of the various acts and regulatory quotients of the State. This would imply that they would not indulge in any form of unethical or illegal means to manipulate or pressurize the policemen who are part of a union. Doing so can lead to drastic legal actions against them. So they can approach the district attorney if they feel that their voices are going unheard in this regard. A written form of formal application can be initiated from the student’s part and posted to the sheriff’s department or personally to the Sheriff. This would lead to a healthy and convenient solution and neither the policemen nor the students would be harassed in physical, mental, or emotional terms.

In order to incorporate this solution, many aspects need to be taken care of. The first aspect that ought to be noted while implementing this plan, is to approach the Sheriff with a legal advocate. The reason behind this statement is that during a conversation among the parties, many legal acts and terms would be discussed and the students are not very knowledgeable in this respect. An issue can arise if the Sheriff is of bias nature or corrupted. In this case, the district attorney should be approached with proper evidence and written statements.

Third solution

The third issue can be solved in multiple ways. The first in this regard is that a regulatory committee ought to be set up by the vigilance department of the police. This would aid in keeping a check on the unjustified privileges that are received by the policemen in the union. The vigilance unit of the police is a powerful and autonomous entity and any step taken on their part cannot be countered by the policemen who are a part of the union.

The second strategy in this respect is to build a new regulatory committee by requesting the head or concerned officials who are designated at a higher level than the policemen who are a part of the stated union. Some conflicts can occur in this case and the conflicts can be combated by formal meetings and negotiation strategies. The policemen who are working harder than the policemen in the union can produce evidence to the regulatory committee when any policemen are getting any form of privilege, appraisal, or promotion even if they are negligent in regards to their duty. 

Steps taken to address the issues for the prevention of problems in the future

First step

The policemen’s activities along with the actions of the college students must be monitored by an autonomous body. The autonomous body ought to be formed and should be provided with the authority to exercise its utmost capabilities whenever and wherever required. The autonomous monitoring entity ought to be formed by the most honest and hard-working individuals and they should not indulge in any form of corruption or manipulative actions.

Second step

The second step in this regard can be in the form of an agreement between the college students and the policemen who are the union part. This would aid in the establishment of a peace treaty between the two entities and thus would be beneficial for both of them in times to come.


It can be clearly stated by going through the above piece of literature that the solutions and mitigation techniques can be fruitful for all the entities involved in the case study. However, in the real-time frame, some quotients may vary and thus their pros and cons should be analyzed and evaluated before undertaking any action.

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