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HRMG 5800- Week 8 Discussion: Chapter 9 Overview

Aug 27, 2023

Week 8 Discussion

Read the case at the end of Chapter 9, “Choosing Among Finalists for the Job of Human Resources Director.” Provide an overview of the position, assess each finalist in detail, and then indicate which you think should be hired and why. Use separate paragraphs, with headers, for the overview, individual assessments, and hiring decisions. Duplicating the exhibit in the case does not constitute an assessment. As in all other work submitted, this analysis is to be your original composition.

Week 8 Discussion: Chapter 9 Overview

My recommendation for the Human Resource Director position is Finalist 3. Overall Ms. Jackson presents as the best candidate with length and range of experience for the position in a growing company. Although she does not have a degree in HRM, her B.B.A in Business partially meets the education criteria listed in the job description. With 8 years of experience in HRM, she has matured within the field but is still new enough to bring forth fresh ideas and innovation as the company expands. Her 4 years as a compensation analyst will enhance the company’s recruiting efforts as they finalize pay, benefits, and allowances for each office. Finalist 3 also brings 5 years of supervisory experience to the office (Hamouche, 2021, p.5). As previously indicated, this balance of maturity and freshness is beneficial in that she knows her roles and responsibilities as a supervisor and has learned techniques to maintain office effectiveness and positively influence the staff. Finalist 3 scored well on the cognitive and knowledge test with an average score during the structured interview. Her response to the interview questions indicates she understands the importance of progression and promotions within the workforce to build a strong company, as well as the underlying goal of any company to increase earnings. Even her response to the interview question regarding sports indicates her views toward working in small teams but can also perform individually.

The candidate which I will recommend is the finalist 3 In my opinion she is one of the most deserving candidates than the other remaining one.  As per this, it can be seen that she has experience in her work. She has more knowledge than the other person and can able to solve the issue that can take place. The way of interview provides the opinion that she can able to do her job properly and is independent enough to carry or handle difficult situations properly without many issues. Her way of handling the work and her experiences at the work site the examples that she is fit for the finalist. It can be said that according to me she is the one who should be the finalist as she has experience in the work and the way she handles the situation shows it.

My primary reason for not recommending Finalist 1 is her focused experience in HRM and lack of supervisory experience considering this is a newly created position (Garg et al. 2021, p.2). Although she scored extremely well on the Cognitive and Knowledge Tests, whether or not she is the right fit to continue to expand the company causes pause. Conversely, I do not recommend Finalist 2 due to his tenure within HRM. With over 20 years of experience, of course, he has a plethora of technical/conceptual knowledge. However, his response “to do the things you want to do,” leads me to believe this may be a transitional position for him which has the potential to leave the company in need of a new HR Director


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