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HRMG 5800- Week 6 Discussion: Start-up Business

Aug 27, 2023

Week 6 Discussion

Some methods of initial assessment appear more useful than others. Which initial assessment methods would you recommend for a start-up business? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Week 6 Discussion: Start-up Business

For the hiring process in the organization make sure to use various methods or initial assessments to hire the people. Proper and effective hiring is the initial part of the organization and the organization must take that part seriously. If the proper hiring takes place in the organization, then, it helps the organization to work well and properly. For starting up the company should focus on firing the people. It is because if their company is not focused on what they are hiring and random people for the organization then it can be said that in the long run, it can be difficult for the company to cope with this extreme situation as well (Horry et al. 2021, p.430). There are various methods through which the initial assessment is done in the organization and some of them are useful as well. Here are some of the initial assessments which appear to be more useful than the others are:

Resumes: A resume would be useful in obtaining information about the candidate and if the qualifications needed for the job match that of the candidate. These methods are also very inexpensive.

The advantages of using resumes are stated below-                                

Firstly, with the help of a resume brief, and overall experiences the candidate can know their expertise and their work areas.

Secondly, it is less time-consuming because, with the help of the resume, we can figure out whether the candidate is fit for work or whether the requirements and experiences of the candidate are not met.

Thirdly,  it helps the hiring manager to understand the candidate’s communication skills as per the written part of the organization concerned.

The disadvantages of using the resumes are stated below-

Firstly, the information is mostly provided by the applicants and there are chances that the application which was provided may be fraudulent or the candidate has provided false information about himself.

Secondly, there are various scrutiny will be done as the resume itself does not validate that the person has such information or knowledge about the work, and for that part, we, need to understand and do more interviews with them as well.

Biodata: Biodata provides additional information about the candidate regarding his/her knowledge skills ability and other characteristics.

The advantage of biodata is stated below-

With the help of the biodata of the person, the personality of the person can be known. The interests, hobbies, and skills of the person can be known and help to understand the person as well.

The disadvantage of the biodata is that it does not give the full information about the person. There may be chances that the information provided is false and misleading and can be different from the actual situation that can take place.

Initial interviews: Interviews help to help a better person. Some people may appear highly qualified in their resumes but may not be able to impress as much in face-to-face interaction.

The advantages of the initial interview stated below-

Firstly, with the help of the initial interview, it helps to understand the candidate properly. The initial interview helps to know what the candidate thinks of and have an understanding related to the work (Maheshwary & Misra, 2018, p.90).

Secondly, it helps the organization to make detailed information about the client. It helps to find out the detailed information of the clients what they know and how their understanding relates to the work in the organization.

The disadvantages of the initial interview stated below-

Firstly, the initial interview can sometimes be biased form as sometimes the preferences are to be given to the people whom the person knows. Sometimes decisions taken are business as the selected person may not deserve the particular position like the other candidate (Parasurama & Sedoc, 2021, p.5).

Secondly, the other disadvantage of the initial interview is that the interview sometimes takes more time as it can be time-consuming because taking each person’s interview is much more stressful and duller as well.

Reference check: Reference checks help to gather information from the people who know about the applicant’s past performance, abilities, etc.

The advantages of the reference checks are stated below-

Firstly, the reference check can also be termed as the background check where the background of the person is seen by seeing and gathering information of the same.

Secondly, it helps to know whether the person is fit for the hiring or not. It also helps to reduce the bad hires that can take place in the organization (Kim, Choi & Lee, 2022, p.5).

The disadvantages of reference checks are stated below-

Firstly, it can be said that it is more time-consuming as reference checks need more time to bring out the detailed information of the persons.

Secondly, another disadvantage of it is that it is costly because reference checks of the person performing the hire are needed who do such type of investigation and for that, the amount is given to them.


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