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HRMG 5800- Week 4 Case Assignment: Recruitment Method

Aug 26, 2023

Week 4 Case Assignment

Read Case #3 in the Tanglewood Stores Casebook. Complete the following:

  1. Evaluate data related to Tanglewood’s historical recruiting methods to determine the effectiveness of each method. Use the case data to develop your responses. Do not duplicate material from the case in any portion of this assignment; the material submitted must be in your own words.
  2. Use the information obtained in the answer to #1 and provide recommendations for how Tanglewood should recruit employees in the future. Consider the organization’s expansion plans and the staffing strategy necessary to support this growth. Think beyond just the current methods; consider both regional and organizational opportunities and the overall business strategy. Address each of these questions separately. In your answers utilize recruiting data from the case and appendix to support recommendations. Successful answers will apply these data effectively.

Week 4 Case Assignment: Recruitment Method

1. Evaluate data related to Tanglewood’s historical recruiting methods to determine the effectiveness of each method. The method is stated below-

Applicant Initiated– This is one of the traditional methods of recruiting for Tanglewood. In this method, the applicant can able to apply with the online method or from the telephonic medium as well. This method is considered to be a flexible method of recruitment and the applicant can easily apply through this medium as well. this method of application is done from the initial starting time. Here the applicant can apply according to their convenience and there is no issue with this application. Here the application can also be done in-store which means that the applicant can be able to go to the place of recruitment and can directly apply for the application as well. This is the most used method for recruitment.

Referrals– This is one of the most used strategies used by the company for the recruitment process. According to this m, medium all the employees are encouraged to refer their friends and relatives for the jobs and apply for the position in Tanglewood. Here in the case of the references, the employees are said that they will receive compensation in case any of their referrals join the company and are in the company for a certain period as well. this helps the company to get in contact with the various applicants and is easy to get the right application for the company without much effort. In the case of the Tanglewood, it can be said that this can be said that if this method is applied here then it can be helpful as in this case the company can easily get a large number of applicants for the job and can be able to choose according to the requirement. This method is majorly used by most of the company and Tanglewood can also use this method for the requirement process and helps to regain the various employees as well as the company (Verschuur, Donovan & de Bie, 2022, p.5).

Kiosk– Kiosks are small, temporary booths placed in areas with high foot traffic that are used by businesses to reach their customers more simply and informally. Kiosks are primarily used for marketing purposes and can be staffed by individuals or self-service. The main purpose of this is that it minimizes the cost and initiates the interaction between the applicant and the employee. The application is done fully electronically without any higher cost. Tanglewood can use this method as well and here the investment is less as compared to the other method because here with one installation the work can be performed properly (Rodney, Valaskova & Durana, 2019, p.45). Here in the Kiosk the candidates electronically but their application for the job. Here, in this case, a certain place is selected where the Kiosk will be and all the people have to come and put in the application. Here all the applications are there but in electronic mode only. This is less costly because there is no such investment requirement apart from the Internet for the application submission.

Staffing agency- This method of recruitment can be considered as one of the costlier options as well. It is because according to this process, the agency is been hired to recruit the employees for the organization. Here the investment is done in the agencies and the training is also provided to them related to the hiring of the individual. Employees that come through Store Staff are directly hired as part of Tanglewood’s core workforce versus being temporary. This method is considered to be one of the costlier methods because here the direct hiring is not done and the agencies are there on behalf of the company to make the employees according to their skills bad requirements and after that, the proper training is provided to them so that they can able to perform better. In return, the company has to provide a detailed rate on the money to the agencies for hiring and training the employees for the company. Though it is costlier than the other method but is stress-free as well because all the applicant is properly trained here for the work.

State Job Services- State job services are typically utilized in urban markets that have a

higher rate of immediately available unemployed individuals. The recruitment is done according to the higher rate he available unemployed individuals as well (Holm, Ohr & Giles, 2021, p.5). The service is provided according to the list of the qualifications of various positions and also assists them in the work. The state job is where the job is provided to the people who are qualified enough for the work and can work properly for the organization as well. Here the recruitment is done according to the vacancy and the qualification of theperformerm in the place. Here in the urban zone, there are various seats are there for qualified people. In the urban area there is a higher level; of unemployment, in the place so the job is there as per the qualification of the people.

Out of the four refitment processes, Tanglewood can utilize only four of them as well. The recruitment that can be used or the recruitment are the initiated, referrals, kiosks, and a job service. It can be said that in the case of the job application most of the app; the client and the applicant will be there but in the case of the referral it has the most hired retained nation and the qualification rate will be there (Johansson, & Herranen, 2019, p.5).  It can be said that in total cost for referrals was the highest out of all four methods, but the cost per hire was the lowest. Eastern Washington utilized applicant-initiated, referrals, and kiosks as their recruitment methods. In the app; the location initiated most of the applications will come from there only. Northern Oregon utilized applicant-initiated, kiosks, and a staffing agency as their recruitment efforts. The kiosk led overall in applicants, candidates, and hiring. It can be said that the staffing initiative has the have a higher qualification recipient. The kiosk had the highest total cost, but the applicant-initiated had the lowest cost per hire. Southern Oregon utilized applicant-initiated kiosks, and a staffing agency for their recruitment efforts.

2. It has been known that Tanglewood is using the applicant initiative recruitment for the recruitment process. It can be said that for the future as well one of the most suitable things for Tanglewood is to put the requirement of the employees through the Kiosks and applicant-initiated recruitment methods. These two methods can be used by Tanglewood to hire the candidate. In the case of both of them, they are the fastest process for recruitment because more people can apply here. The recommendation should be given to Tanglewood that they should recruit the most qualified candidate for Tanglewood and should develop a method through which only qualified people can be recruited. The qualified people for the Tanglewood can only be found through the referral and the staffing method. It can be said that in the case of the staffing agency the agencies where hired look upon all the recruitment of the people and will be able to select the best and the most qualified people who are required for the Tanglewood. All the daily job duties have been known to the candidate while the boarding because they have been provided all the detailed information and only the selected people ender and recruited. In the case of the referral as well here the candidate comes from the references of the employees who are working in the company (Nawaz, 2019, p.2). So, they are qualified enough for the job and have the knowledge that they appeared for the job or not. Here the maximum number of candidates who come through this method are familiar with the recruitment process and are mainly board for the work. Both methods are stress-free because the people here are recruited accordingly, so the stress over the recruitment is not there and can also be analyzed. So according to my recommendation for the future, there will be staff agencies and a referral method for recruitment.


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