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HRMG 5800- Week 3 Assignment

Aug 28, 2023


This week you’ve watched and read two different versions of Columbus’s journey, which is about contact and conquest from a different lens than last week’s play. Yet, both plays center on religion and allegory2 and can be seen as people writing specifically towards those in power with a potential to influence and benefit from the Kings and Queens. Theatre in this context does more than one thing. For this week’s activity- I want you to pretend that you’ve been commissioned by the Smithsonian museums in DC to create a new play about Columbus and the New World. Who would be the central figure in your play? How would you change Lope’s plays for today’s audience in the United States? Would you still use allegory? Would you keep it from Columbus’s perspective or would you change it?  Answer in 2-3 paragraphs.

Week 3 Assignment                                        

Here I would want to narrate in-depth about whatever has been commissioned by the Smithsonian Museum in DC to create a new play about Columbus and the New World. This play narrates in detail the significance of Christopher Columbus who had been sailing across the Atlantic Ocean for over 10 weeks, On this journey he met several people, especially the landed there and sighted a sailor named Rodrigo Bernajo, but his name was never been mentioned when we studied about Columbus’s discoveries in histories because he took all the credits on himself while giving nothing on Rodrigo’s name. Thus, this exploration followed him to land on a small island while naming it the Bahamas, which was later named San Salvador. This philosophical end seemed to focus on crazy things related to the play which is based on the actual events which are based on religious aspects. Thus, it is strange to get killed as they did not find the same ways to narrate about another person. Moreover, this play acts like guidance where Lope tells indirectly about Christopher Columbus having different thoughts about Christopher Columbus.    

Apart from this, Lope mentioned the Spanish Golden Age based on the significance of honor, with an interesting system to learn about the language barriers, with Christian relatives. On the other hand, this is mentioned in the play about the noble savage to gather an idea to deal with the religious barriers, or language differentiation, with the modern-day missionaries. Lope stated that Native Americans, first interacted with Christopher Columbus who took up the credit, and then did not even state that before him many could reach North America (Films Media Group, 1996).  Here, the central character is mainly based on Christopher Columbus. Eventually, through this play, I would even want to select his character because he plays the signature role in the play.  Thus, this play details Christopher Columbus who set out to find new routes in Asia. Instead of this, he was given the significance of being the first Spaniard to place his foot to set out to give out a glimpse of the New World. Thus, these plays show evidence of how it can be proved that they have taken 10 weeks to reach the way to find a route to America. He got significant from the native people there. Thus, evidence has proven that it was not only Christopher Columbus to reach America, but it has been proved that Vikings reached North America before Christopher Columbus. Thus, this play indicates the explorers who are usurped to glory. From all the dreams, which lead him to cross the horizon based on his fortunes as it is deserted about him, with an ongoing controversy which is placed about a rue event as it is narrated in history. Thus, this episode is related to the biographies that shed light on the life of Christopher Columbus, who was a common man but should not be considered a legend. Thu, period accounts, which are mainly related to rare art and artifacts, and interviews related to the world which is renowned by the historians, as it is featured in the play.

Thus, Columbus’s journey America to opened the way for the European countries related to colonize, as it exploited the lands and the people. Moreover, trade is based on the soon-established system, between Europe and in Americas. As compared to the plants in the native understanding based on America to import to Europe. The centerpiece of the Smithsonian landmark spotted the Institutionalised historic role of one of the enigmatic engines for the future through the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Moreover, this dwindled with San Salvador, while claiming about the New World for Spain. Thus, Lope wrote this play to understand the allegory or the historical framework based on the play. Thus, this play grasps attention to the historical moments on the voyage faced by Christopher Columbus showing his first journey. Lope De Vega did not directly speak about Columbus, instead, he narrated in detail about making history through the play which has been stated. Thus, this play tries to articulate in detail Columbus, to deal with him to be the King of Spain who often feels good, about the dramatic compelling, while dealing with the ideals to primarily understand the perspective of the white historians to narrate their perspectives on the native people in the place where Columbus reached. Additionally, I find this play to be crazy as it is based on some actual events that might relate to what has been taking place in the 10-week voyage of Christopher Columbus and can relate to the language discrimination or the differentiation between the religious practices. Thus, I think that Lope De Vega’s discoveries of the New World act completely on different aspects, and thoughts about Christopher Columbus. Thus, this time, I would want to make a change from Columbus’s perspective to Lope De Vega’s because he just contributes to the gain of fame.


Films Media Group. (1996). Christopher Columbus: Explorer of the New World. Films on Demand. Retrieved from (Retrieved on September 15, 2022)

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