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HRMG 5800- Week 2 Discussion

Aug 24, 2023

What would be the advantage of having an independent contractor perform this job?

What expectations for the relationship would you set for an independent contractor?

What actions would you have to take to ensure that the relationship remains that of an independent contractor?

What would be the advantage of having Ms. Wang perform this job?

How would you clarify expectations for Ms. Wang about her role at present and in the future?

What actions would you take to get the most out of the employee-employer relationship?

Given the considerations above, which form of relationship seems more appropriate for this job, and why?

Week 2 Discussion

1. An independent contractor is a person who is employed by the corporation to complete a particular job or assignment within the time provided to them. Like any other employee, the independent contractor did not work regularly but worked according to the agreement that was provided to them. To perform this job an advantage to have an independent contractor because it is seen that the organization incurs less overhead and if the employees are hired for the work, then it can be said that more expenses will take place to hire and train them for work as well and it is not guaranteed that the work will be completed within the time. But in the case of the independent contractor, there are no extra expenses that will take place related to the training as the contracted are themselves the higher skilled. The contractor has their license and the organization is not responsible for any other thing the work is provided in the package system and the work should be completed within the provided time. This helps the organization to gain more profit and faster than the regular employees who can be hired for the work.

2. The expectations for the relationship would you set for an independent contractor are only work-related. It can be said that the only relation is to perform the job without having any relation. As the independent contractors are outsiders, they did not have any link with the organization or the staff members. The only relation that is there between the employees and the independent organization is to perform the job and take the fees for that. As they are not part of the organization there are no such relationships that need to be maintained. Here the contractor is responsible for all the insurance and the licenses and has to take all the responsibilities related to working on the assignment as well. Here contractor uses all his resources and equipment and performs the work within the time limit. In return, he will get the fees for the work as well. Apart from that, there is no connection with the employee or the organization the that of the independent director.

3. There are various actions to take to ensure that the relationship remains that of an independent contractor. To maintain that relationship, the organization should make sure that they have taken various measures before giving the project to the organization’s contractor so that the work does not get messed up. Firstly, the thing which should be taken is to make a legal agreement between both parties so that the legal agreement should be there for future reference, and in case of any dispute legal documents should be there. Secondly, the contract should state all the exceptions which are there between both parties. If the expectations will earlier be mentioned then it can be helpful to both parties to understand what are the things that are expected from each of them. Thirdly the agreement should be there where the start date, completion date, and payment terms should be mentioned in the agreement so that it can be easy to understand the time the work needs to be completed. And if there are any other further changes or the term is increased then the new contract should be made. These are the only relations and should be maintained so that smooth work can be done without any problems.

4. There is the various advantage of having Ms. Wang perform this job and some of the advantages poof it is stated below-

Firstly Ms. Wang is highly skilled in using all the major software platforms available in the market. The skills of her will be useful for the organization as well. as due to her skill it can be said that the work which will be done by her will be good and accurate as well

Secondly, to maintain and analyze all records related to staffing, she also oversees the recruiting and selection process for the entire organization, so there is no spare time in her schedule to also design a new applicant tracking system. This work type is a benefit to the organization because she makes sure to keep all the records and select the best staff to perform the work as well.

Thirdly it can be said that Ms. Wang has the proper knowledge related to the work and if the project is on her hand, then it can be satisfied that the work will get completed properly within the time limit.

5. I would clarify expectations for Ms. Wang regarding her role at present and in the future by assuring her that the work she is doing is good enough and she is capable of doing and designing the new work. I would motivate her that she is capable of doing the work without any thought. I like to assure her that she has experience in the work and has the proper knowledge related to how the work will be performed in the organization so she does not need to worry about the same (Saharov, 2018, p.65). I will explain that her experience is befitted in the organization and she can able to perform complex tasks properly as well. She is an integral part of the organization because it was her knowledge and experiences that helped her to complete the work within the required time properly. I could encourage her and try to show her that she has a good knowledge of the technical role of the organization which will be beneficial to the organization as well. I will make her understand that for the organization to remain competitive one should always try to develop new things which can strengthen the organization in the present as well as in the future.

6. The relationship between the employer and the employees is an important aspect of the organization. If the organization’s employers and employees work together properly and help each other then growth in the organization can take place. There are actions taken to get the most out of the employee-employer relationship. Firstly, the employer and employees should respect each other and value them as well. If respect is there between them then a good relationship can be established. Secondly, the employee should always indulge employees in deciding so that they can also feel that they are part of the organization and will not feel neglected as well. Thirdly to establish a good relationship the employees should take an interest in working in the organization properly. The employees should always give their best in the organization and feel that they are part of the organization and should think about the growth of the organization Fourthly the employer should always motivate their employees to do better and should himself indulge in the task so that he can now and understand the employees well (Spetter, 2018, p.5). These are the few things that are done and properly maintained then a good relationship will be maintained between employer and employee.

7. For the given case the form of relationship that seems more appropriate for this job is the trusted relationship. My in any work, the trust should be between the employee and the employees to perform good work and if the trust is there between each other then the work can be done more appropriately. If the relationship between the employer and employees are trusted then the positive outcome can be seen as bad the fewer conflict can take place in the organization. In this case, it is the contractual task, and once the period of the task is over so is the relationship as well. But will the duration of the work if a good relationship is maintained then it can be said in the future as well the organization can also think of providing the contractual task to the particular person because of the ways of conducting the task.


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