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HRMG 3105- COURSEWORK 1: HR Management

Sep 5, 2023

COURSEWORK 1: HR Management

Layout of a 2000-word Report which should be

1. An Introduction: Use of PRESENT TENSE ONLY

2. The 2 tools chosen for this report are Staff training and Employee Empowerment

3, Advantages and disadvantages and an example for each tool

4. And also HILTON can be the chosen industry.

5. In the main body: Definition of Human Resource ( HR)

6. Diagrams and Charts should be included but only as pictures to avoid going over the word count

7. Recommendation

8. Conclusion

9. Word count

10. Table of Contents

11. Page numbers

COURSEWORK 1: HR Management


In order to improve the management of individuals in the US corporate world, a lot of massive efforts have been taken since World War II. Since then the management of individuals in the business world has been known by various names such as Human relations, personnel management, and labor relations, and now the name has been transformed into the management of human resources. Therefore, businesses have spent a lot of money to make their employees more productive, loyal, dedicated, and motivated towards their workforce. As a result, business managers are investing a lot in supervisory training, interpersonal and organizational behavior, T-group, sensitivity training, job enrichment, employee attitude surveys, and different fringe benefits which include subsidized insurance bigger pensions, short work days, etc (Skinner, 2022). Hence, the human resource departments of the business houses seem to be the good intentions that have been whistling in the dark and averting unionization. With the human resource department, many small and big-sized companies have made their workforce their competitive assets. And with this, progress is surely been seen.

Moreover, retaining employees and satisfying their work needs and demands in the hospitality industry is rather difficult. As a result, the reports published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is revealed that the managers in the HR department are overseeing the various HR processes including recruitment, hiring, and interviewing the candidates, and most importantly they are lacking in bridging the gap between the company’s management and employees (Smyth, 2020). In the hospitality and tourism industry, the HR personnel not only needs to have a skilled and dedicated pool of talent but also needs to be retained in the demanding job field. Their duties begin right from recruiting the candidates to motivating and placing them in the best-fitted positions of the company. As soon as the employees in the business become happy and motivated, the HR personnel can be able to deliver the best and desired customer service and make the company run on the path of success.

HR management tool: Staff training          

One of the major tools of HR management is staff training, it includes any kind of activity which assists the business employees to acquire and possess the latest or improved knowledge and skill. It is the formal process through which the development of talent assists individuals in improving and boosting their work performance. With the proper training at the businesses, the employees can be able to become a better version of themselves at their jobs and overcome various performance gaps which are based upon the lack of skill or knowledge (Younas, Farooq, Khaleel-Ur-Rehman & Zreen, 2018). Therefore, training helps business houses and teams to become more productive and transform their negative business outcomes into positive ones. As a result, the businesses can be able to gain a competitive advantage over other companies. It is the major tool in the hospitality industry to achieve organizational objectives. As soon as the candidates are hired by the company’s management, it is the responsibility of the HR management to train them according to their job needs, so that they can be able to become ready for their work (Tsiopanis, 2021).

As per the perspective of the HILTON hotel, many customers reported that the employees’ behavior is very unfriendly and ineffective during the time of check-in and check-out. It is so because the hotel industry across the world is recognized and characterized by the high-quality services delivered. As a result, the slow performance of the employees is not only reducing the overall organization’s productivity. However also negatively impacts the colleague’s motivation (Ma, 2021). Many researchers suggested that the Hilton hotel needs its employees to master the process of communication, and problem-solving, and develop an atmosphere of relationship building. Hence the employee training at the hotel should aim at revealing the internal communication problems, through the development of mutual trust and transparency between the employees and hotel management.

Figure: 1 Benefits of staff training

Source: (Tsiopanis, 2021)

HR Management tool: Employee Empowerment

It is said that employee empowerment in the hospitality industry has a lot to offer If the employees feel empowered, then they can be able to respond to the customer needs more accurately. It is so because as any customer demand arises, the employees who are empowered can be able to react appropriately to the customer complaints and develop a sense of ownership therefore ensuring that the services rendered will bring success to the organization (Hsu, Liu, & Tsaur, 2019). Meanwhile, employee empowerment in the hospitality industry can be achieved through identifying the strengths of the employees, appreciating the efforts pushed, forgiving the small mistakes that occur to them, offering development paths, investing in the HR platform for hiring, managing, and retaining the hotel organization’s top skilled candidates.

The major hospitality line of UK Hilton, which was founded more than a century ago, the hotel aims to promote the vision that hospitality can make the world a better place to live. Its data and the analytical team are driving the commercial performance and decision-making around the vision. Therefore, the company has integrated the EX and CX in order to allow the executive team of the company the interact as they have enabled real-time responses (Bova, 2020). Various Hilton’s personalized guests who came to enjoy the hospitality services offered only resulted via the single shared view of almost every customer. Therefore, the guests at the Hilton Hotel requested the specific beverage type in their room for the next few days. Therefore, the empowered employees will bring the beverage in advance for the customer in their room. The employees at the company also feel inspired because they can be able to track the global impact via technology and leadership around the values. The company uses LightSlay which is the major proprietary software for tracking the hotel’s carbon energy, water, waste, and community involvement. As a result, it has saved $1 billion in energy costs over the past decades.

Figure: 2 Hilton Worldwide holdings

Source: (Sanchez, 2019)

Advantages and disadvantages of staff training


Increased job satisfaction and employee engagement           

This is one of the major advantages of employee or staff training, With employee training, there will be a bunch of opportunities for the employees to grow, learn, and provide growth to their careers. As the company invests in employee training, the employees or staff will feel motivated and valued It also provides them with the tools to feel confident at their job premises. If the Hilton hotel provides the right training and skills to their employees, then they can be able to treat their customers well with full loyalty and respect and hence will be appreciated which boosts overall job satisfaction.

Increased employee motivation           

As the businesses conduct the training session for the candidates, they can ensure that the employees will be capable of taking on and accomplishing new challenges at their workplace and boost the level of enthusiasm at their respective jobs. Hilton’s training program can be able to make their staff committed to the work and they can be able to use their creativity to ensure the success of the hotel across the US (Podsakoff & Podsakoff, 2019).


Higher costs           

If the business is just a startup or a small or mid-sized company, the cost of the staff training can prove to be highly daunting because it will be a collective cost of the travel, training facilities, equipment, in-house training development, etc. However, for Hilton, the cost of the training might not impact the organizational success because the hotel was established decades ago and has gained a huge reputation. On the other hand, if the training program for the staff is not proven to be useful then, it might hamper the overall profit of the hotel.

Investment in the huge time           

The time the staff spends at the training program is one of the time they can invest in working and dealing with practical projects (Commerce Mates, 2022). Sometimes it will become very problematic for the candidates to deal the practical projects right after their training. In terms of Hilton Hotels, the staff training might not allow the employees to deal with the customers at the right time.


For any organization, reaching recognition at the global level is one of the crucial successes that can be possible with adequate staff training. For instance, with the continuous improvement in employee performance due to intensive training, Hilton Hotels initially started in London, the UK, and was able to make its presence in major 94 countries with an occupancy rate of 77.2% (Paraskevas & Quek, 2019). On the other hand, if the hotel keeps on improving the employees’ training program, then it can be able to provide the best travel experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of employee empowerment


Increase in employee productivity and morale

When the employees at the Hilton Hotels are given the responsibility of creating their own decisions, they can be able to contribute a lot to the organization’s success and play a major role in making the organization walk on the path of success (Alkahatani et al., 2021).

Solves the problems quicker

Hilton’s hotel management might not be aware of the issues and problems happening in various departments. Therefore, employees who will be empowered enough can solve the problem quickly and easily. As a result, small problems might be easily handled by the staff.

Disadvantages of employee empowerment

Relationship blurring

If the employees get empowered and start improving and boosting their performance, then it might develop a streamlined structure of their management. As a result, it might blur the relationship between the management and employees of the organization.

Decreases the efficiency

As the employees are offered various opportunities for decision-making, it might be possible that they make decisions that could benefit them as a whole (Alkahatani et al., 2021). Therefore, it might create problems with their subordinates and lead to lesser efficiency.


To empower the employees and boost their overall performance, the leading hotel chain in the UK, Hilton Hotels is planning to upgrade their staff workplaces so that they can make the environment more interesting and inviting. As a result, the employees will feel motivated and work hard toward offering great customer service (Bolden-Barrett, 2018).

Human resource management: Concept

In terms of definition, HRM or human resource management is the process of recruiting, deploying, hiring, and managing organizational personnel and resources. The HR department of any organization is responsible for implementing and managing the HR practices and policies to regulate the employees and ensure the right organizational interaction with the employees (Stone, Cox & Gavin, 2020). No matter what kind of issues arise in the process of recruiting, hiring, deploying, and other processes, the HR department is concerned with resolving all the issues. The major aim of the HR department of the organization is to decrease the risk and increase the Return on Investment.


In this part, it is said that the Hilton hotels are very culturally diversified and have employees from different regions across various cultures. However, as unity works best for the hotel, its operations, and workforce in the activities are balanced. Moreover, their globalization strategy works best on the approach of management. Meanwhile, the hotel had established the HRM structures as its key management strategy. As a result, the HR department of the hotel concentrates on job enrichment, job satisfaction, and involvement via the recording mechanism, staff training, and employee empowerment. Moreover, the company also needs to concentrate on graduates in their program and hence ensure the best candidates for the long-term goals.


It is concluded that the HR department of the Hilton Hotel is working well and if HR policies and strategies become more dedicated and committed to customer service and committed to continuously improving its employees’ engagement, empowerment, and staff training, then the hotel will emerge out from its competitors. As a result, the hotel will continuously grow and boost a lot in the coming future.


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