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HRM 320- Memo: Company Harassment Policy

Aug 23, 2023


Assume you work for a company that has a sexual anti-harassment policy but not a religious, sexual orientation, or racial anti-harassment policy. Write a six- to eight-page detailed memo to your boss (the HR Director) as to why you believe it would make sense to revamp the company policies to include these and
or other forms of harassment. Include one example of a real situation where a policy may have protected a: company from liability or stopped harassment from happening. (You can find case examples on the EEOC website) Cite that case/situation in your memo to your boss.


TO: Human Resource Director



SUBJECT: Company Harassment Policy

Respected Sir/ Madam,

This memorandum is to address the organization which is working hard with all the assumptions to prevent the organization from all the sexual issues while involving the sexual anti-harassment policy within the organization which has helped all the employees within the organization to get proper respect. Moreover, I even find that this organization takes a quick start if they seek any information related to the sexual harassment taking place due to quid pro quo or making the situation hostile within the workplace. Moreover, the organization plays a pivotal role to prevent any sexual harassment within the organization with its policy. I want the organization to implement strategies related to other policies as well. This is because most employees from outside the country get an opportunity to work in the United States, so all are required to get Equal Rights and protection under the Civil Rights Act of the United States. Thus, quid pro quo or working in a hostile environment is required to be controlled by the employees, so that they do not feel harassed on the racial or religious. As a result because of an incident that took place within the organization due to a certain reason, I want the organization to involve in the Code of United States like anti-religious harassment, anti-racial harassment, and implementation of Title VII, Anti-pregnancy Discrimination Act or Anti-disabled harassment to focus on the employees so that none shall be discriminated and should get equal opportunity within the organization as an employee.     

Alternatively, this is respected by all the employees within the organization, as they feel safe when they are at the workplace. Therefore, in my opinion, I would want to disclose the fact that I want the organization to incorporate all the different harassment policies the organization which are helpful for all the employees. This would not only help disabled people but would also help people with different sexual orientations, while most people with a different sexual orientation shall face discrimination within the workplace. Despite this, I think that the organization is required to incorporate a religious anti-harassment policy and religious anti-harassment policy within the guidebook of the organization, so that none of the employees with all these disparities shall face discrimination within the organization, and could attain equal position within the workplace (Evans-Polce et al. 2020). This is because I have assumed in this organization that some of the employees with a different religious faith have to be harassed. Moreover, they are often kept alienated within the organization. As a result, they are often discriminated against concerning their employment, which is based on their hiring Muslim or other faith employees or does not even consider them to classify as an employee.

Perhaps with the introduction of the First Amendment which was established to give equal rights to religious practices established while prohibiting any religious inequality taking place within the workplace. Thus, with the emphasis on the First Amendment, of the United States Constitution anti-harassment on religious notes shall also be given to most of the employees within the organization, so that they do not feel alienated organization. I feel that employees with different religious faith or traditions shall have an equal position to exercise their religious practices.

On the other hand, I would approach the director that he should even involve a racial anti-harassment policy within the guidebook policy so that none of the employees shall face discrimination on their racial grounds. This is considered to be one of the illegal notions to discriminate against any employees within the organization on their racial grounds. Moreover, I have assumed that many employees had to face this while at work (Corra & McCandliss, 2021). On the other hand, here I shall share a specific story, about how racial discrimination is problematic for the employees within the organization. While the director should restrict the employees from doing this, and conduct strict steps to overcome all these in the future. Implementing a racial anti-harassment policy shall help the employees to take a stand under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Moreover, the law allows equal rights to every individual within the workplace so that they can work well and shall never be discriminated against on any grounds. Apart from this, I have learned that many of the employees belonging to the LGBTQ group of people face discrimination within the workplace. Thus, a sexual orientation anti-harassment policy shall also be introduced within the organization guidebook, so that strict action is to be taken against the people who are discriminating against the people on such grounds (Jones et al. 2020). Moreover, we are humans and shall have equal rights as per the Civil Rights of the United States Constitution.

As the Constitution under the Second Amendment allows all citizens to bear arms, just like this the government is allowing to carry arms to all citizens. Likewise, they are also responsible for the amendment, sections, and acts under the jurisdiction to place the employees and the citizens to get an equal positions within the organization and shall not be discriminated against. Hence, within our organization, I have been seeing many employees have been facing difficulties due to their belonging to different sexual orientation groups.

Alternatively, Title VII prohibits employees to be discriminated against on racial, color, or sexual grounds. This Code of the United States even protects the employees of the organization so that they are not discriminated against because of any racial discrimination or physical disabilities. They are often harassed on that grounds. Apart from this, disabled employees are often addressed in the wrong way which is wrong for the organization, I have seen this happening. Thus, the organization shall implement anti-harassment for disabled individuals too, so that they are not fired or kept alienated within the organization (Berhe, et al. 2020).

Moreover, the organization is required to provide facilities to all the employees, as they are solely eligible for it under legal jurisdiction. Thus, under the Equal Rights forum, the employees can even file certiorari against the organization to get justice. Thus, this would hamper the reputation of the organization, so belonging to be the best organization I do not want such to happen and want the organization to implement all these policies so that they can support all the employees.  

I have approached this letter because in this organization one of our employees, Nancy was a precious candidate who gave all her efforts to be a part of this organization but still as faced harassment because of her racial disparity. Apart from this, I would want to disclose that after her demise I tried to write a note to approach all the policies within the organization so that none of the employees in the future shall face such discrimination on any grounds, and could get equal rights to be a part of their employment tenure. February 5th, 2022, was likely to be the joining date within the organization, she belongs to the African American clan, with a dark face, wide nose, and an enlarged body. I knew that the dresses used to bulge out from her body but she was an eminent worker within the organization. People within the organization often did not take to her and did not use the washroom after it was used by her. Apart from this, she was harassed on the road when she once walked on the road, the white employees once pushed her on a pedestal, and she was highly injured. Moreover, religious discrimination also took place with her. She was a Muslim by faith, so it was mandatory for her to pray at least five times a day, thus, when the organization joined her, all knew that she requires some time for her prayers, later her team restricted her from doing any further prayers, as they found that she was wasting time praying all the day.

 On the other hand, in the pantry, none of the employees are used to it here because of religious discrimination. Thus, one involving the sexual anti-harassment policy within the guidebook of the organization shall not work, because as per the Amendment of the United States Constitution all the people, be it immigrants or any citizens are to get an equal position within the workplace. Hence, they are supposed to get equal rights within the organization, just like the whites in the organization. She even told me that her team at very hostile even with her presence and some of the employees even used quid pro quo methods to threaten her. Apart from this, she was threatened and often abused by her teammates. She even mentioned in the suicide note that her colleagues never used to respect her, and used to keep her alienated from all the tasks conducted in the team. She was not involved in team activities. Moreover, the employee was not even guilty about her bruises and scares that took place due to the accident has taken place with her. They just stated that it was an accident and they are not all guilty of her injuries and damages.

Moreover, she would have taken the help of The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is the agency, that takes responsibility for all the harassment that takes place within the organization, as this involves an enforced law under the Federal jurisdiction of the United States so that one a protect all the employees from all the harassment other than sexual assault taking place within the organization. Thus, in Nancy’s case, it is an assault taken place on her which is related to religious harassment and religious harassment. Thus, religious harassment is one of the illegal offenses and an illegal measure takes place within the workplace.

Under the rules and regulations of the Constitution, organizations respect all the emotions of the employees based on their religious traditions. Apart from this, Fatima, who left the organization last year was also assaulted because of her religion. Many people are discriminated against in the organization which is illegal and under Title VII, one of the significant codes of the United States, which prohibits discrimination taking place against employees based on their religion, color or race, or any national origin. Thus, this has not been followed by the organization, and I have assumed that this organization has continued to carry on with its discrimination of employees on racial grounds and religious factors.

Nancy used to fall sick because of the uprising issues taking place because of her complexions, as she belong to the African American clan. Moreover, she was so depressed because of the abusive situation taking place within the organization and was deliberately hurt by the situation, so she attempted suicide making all of us feel guilty about her demise.  Apart from this, her teammates used to abuse her and used to misbehave with her, thus, if the organization would have developed itself a racial anti-harassment policy and religious anti-harassment policy, within the organization, which would have allowed the employers to take strict action for the negativity taking place within the organization which is the real cause for the demise of Nancy.

As the initiative involves, the sexual anti-harassment policy, none of the women, are discriminated against within the organization, as they all get equal positions, promotions, and equal salary. Moreover, if the other policies would have also been involved within the organization then the organization should have taken a good position in the United States. Moreover, this is my request to the Human Resource Director to develop a strategy, so that in future all the employees are well protected and the employees shall face demise in future.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully    



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