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HMGT 400- Week 3 Discussion

Aug 18, 2023

    Week 3 Discussion

    Explain the differences between Research Methods and Research Design. Describe two method examples and two examples of design types. When each is used? What is the process of choosing the correct research method and correct research design?

    Week 3 Discussion

    Differences between Research Design and Research Methods:

    The plan that is used to respond to the question chosen for the research topic is regarded as a research design. On the other hand, the strategy which is used so that the research design can be implemented is regarded as the research method. The main difference between the research design and research method is that everything that is to be contained and carried away in the process of research falls under the research design while the process of collection of data to research so that the ability to get insights from the data collected can be provided, falls under the research method (EssayMin, 2019).

    Description and time of usage of two method examples and two examples of design types:

    Two examples of Research Methods:

    Sampling: The method through which the researcher acquires insight and information regarding a particular population is derived through the examination of a part or sample of the population rather than examining the whole population, which is regarded as sampling.

    Interview: The method of acquiring information for research, from people through a conversation between two parties, is regarded as an Interview. The person asking the questions and the person responding to the questions asked are known as the Interviewer and Interviewee. It is done by conversing face to face and asking a set of pre-determined questions by the interviewer or by creating a set of questions in a questionnaire and distributing it among the targeted population for the research and gathering data through the response of the people (Tiffin University Pfeiffer Library, 2021).

    The grouping of the research methods is also done as the quantitative research method (collection of numerical data from the population and sample that can be ranked, categorized, and grouped) and qualitative research method (collection of information from the population or sample regarding their emotions, experiences, opinions, etc. regarding a situation or topic).

    Two examples of Research Design:

    Correlational Research Design: The research design in which the relation between two different variables is measured without the researcher having any influence or control over the variables taken into consideration, is regarded as correlational research design.

    Descriptive Research Design: The research design whose objective is to provide a systematic and accurate description of the situation, population targeted, and phenomenon that is essential for the research topic by providing answers of when, how, what, and where, is regarded as a descriptive research design.

    Timing of appropriate usage of Research Design and Research Method:

    The use of research design is appropriate when the description of the research framework of a chosen topic of research is to be provided. On the other hand, the use of the research method is suitable when the data or information or any evidence is to be collected to carry out the analysis for the research (EssayMin, 2019).

    Process of choosing the correct research method:

    The process that is to be followed to choose the appropriate research method is as follows:

    1. Identification of the sample from the targeted population.
    2. Outlining and formation of the question for the collection of data.
    3. Conducting piloting by using the chosen method.
    4. Analyzing the results.
    5. Relating and comparing the findings derived from the analysis with the findings derived using other research methods.
    6. Choosing the best-suited method for research (Thattamparambil, 2020).

    Process of choosing the correct research design:

    The process that is to be followed to choose the appropriate research design is as follows:

    1. Considering and deciding upon which approach to take to present the research.
    2. Figuring out the research question and the kind of data and information to be presented.
    3. Considering the resources and works of literature available on the topic of research chosen.


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