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EMGT 5220- Week 8 Discussion: Project Termination

Sep 14, 2023

Week 8 Discussion Forum

Complete your Week 8 required discussion prompt:

Discuss two ways in which a project may be terminated.

What is the impact of these types of project termination on team members? Use examples to illustrate your answer.

Week 8 Discussion: Project Termination

The two ways in which the project can be terminated are stated below-

Termination by extinction: It is one of the methods through which the project is terminated. In this type of termination, the project has stopped and closed. Most of the time, the main reason for the extension of the project takes place when the goal or the target of the project has been achieved. But there are other reasons like political or the lack of resources due to which the project is terminated halfway.

Termination by integration: Termination by integration is one of the organization’s most common methods to terminate work. It is one of the most common ways to deal with termination, whether in a complex or a successful project. In this termination of the project, the output of the project becomes part and parcel. 

Impact of Termination by Extinction

The termination of the project impacts the team members negatively. The reason for this is that the team members are working for days, months, or sometimes years, and when the project suddenly stops, they feel affected (Cardella, 2022, p.5). If the project is terminated in the middle, the team members feel that the efforts they put in became useless as they would not gain anything from the efforts, they provided the work

For example, if the project is started and the deadline is set to be completed within it. However due to the circumstances, the project was in the process was not required further by the company at that time; the work stopped on the project, and the project was terminated. 

Impact of Termination by Integration

It does not affect negatively because a new project is formed after the termination, and from that, it helps to get more customers. Here it does not affect drastically, and the reason behind this is that though the project got terminated, the new product and the product line are made, and the formation of the new things is made (Qian et al. 2018, p.2). After the termination of the project, the debate is that through the new product, they can attract more customers, and the customers can come to know about the various new products out of the project’s output. Here the project gets broken up into termination because the new product is formed. This does not affect the team members because their hard work did not get ruined; instead, it is there in the part of the other new product which takes place out of it. 

For example, if the organization starts a new product line, then the research is done in the project, and once the research is done, the product is made, and the form product is made available to the customer. 


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