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CODP 201- Project management

Aug 12, 2023

Document two reasons for using project management to organize work and explain how projects can achieve the organizational goals, essentially why is effective project management necessary for organizational success?

Project management

In an organization, project management assures the availability of proper information to estimate the budget and resources to complete the project within the specific deadline.

The primary reasons for deploying project management to organize work are:

  • Project management intends to enhance productivity, and decrease workload and costs. The creation of an optimized methodology is concerned with the mitigation of risks and improving efficiency.
  • Project management is even concerned with collaboration by defining all roles accurately and precisely (Tereso et al. 2019, p.7). This process even enables organizations to understand stakeholders’ perspectives and devise communication plans.

Project management is imperative to understand the expectations and needs of consumers. An essential role is served by projects to prepare plans to mitigate risks. Thus, projects serve as an essential aspect in determining the progress of organization operations and even resolving certain problems associated with specific projects. Deployment of projects is essential for project managers as the process of strategic planning reveals challenges that might not have been anticipated previously. Eventually, more refined and innovative processes, strategies, and products can be generated to attain consumer satisfaction.

Constructive project management is enabled the smooth conduction of business operations. Accordingly, teams can prioritize tasks and empower the delivery of results that impact the bottom line of business. Internal communications in the organization can be improved by decreasing collaboration complexity, ensuring accountability, and increasing transparency. Progress of projects provides a greater understanding of resource investment. Potent project management enables forecasting of issues and adopting measures to resolve them. Project management is vital for organizations for scaling high performance and developing the best practices of the team (Chawla et al. 2018, p.157). The use of learnings and data from various projects enables an understanding of the need for improvement. Thus, project management decreases costs by utilizing resources in an optimized manner, decreasing risks, and enhancing efficiency. Deliverables quality is ensured and the organization can be successful in satisfying the clients.


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