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CMGT 556- Week 5 Discussion: Testing Activities

Sep 19, 2023

Discussion Topic

When developing new systems, teams tend to focus on understanding the requirements of the system at the start of the project. Until requirements are known, it is hard to understand design and development components. Beyond this, testing is an essential part of any systems project, no matter what SDLC is applied

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

When do you think a project team should plan for testing? Provide a justification for your position. Who do you think is the best resource(s) to conduct testing activities, and why?

Week 5 Discussion: Testing Activities

Testing is an important phase of software development as it ensures a safe and error-free product. The phase is essential because the testing team usually identifies and notes all the detailed test cases at this stage.

The project team must start testing at an early stage of the project life cycle and start as soon as the functional requirement document is prepared. The STLC team usually reviews all the requirements mentioned in FRD and based on it, the testable component is determined.

Sometimes, the project delivery date is short, and the project team needs more time to execute all the tasks. The project team must complete testing as it is a mandatory process for getting an effective solution. The testing time must be on the priority list for every project team as it needs sufficient time to complete.

Testing should be done at the initial stages for many reasons. It helps spot errors in the application’s design and development and demonstrates what needs to be delivered to the customer (, 2023). The testing ensures whether all the requirement listed by the customer is added to the project or not, and based on that, sufficient action is taken by the testing team. Many testing resources can be utilized for performing testing activities by the tester.

The resources include a crowd-testing platform and beta testing, which are effective in conducting a test of the application. WebLOAD is one of the practical applications that can be utilized for performing web application testing and has some significant capabilities.  There is some powerful scripting potential available in this tool and utilized for making complex testing easy and secure.

WebLOAD is an effective solution that can be used with Selenium, Jenkins, and other tools to enhance an application’s overall testing.

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