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CMGT 555- Week 1 Discussion – Choosing an SDLC Methodology

Sep 10, 2023

Week 1 Discussion – Choosing an SDLC Methodology

Projects are unique by nature, and organizations each have their own specific needs when it comes to managing systems projects. Additionally, there is never a superior SDLC methodology, but rather SDLCs that will fit certain projects better than others.

Compare and contrast Agile and waterfall SDLCs. Based on your personal and work experiences, why might an organization opt to choose one SDLC over another? Can an organization make use of both types of SDLCs, and why?

Week 1 Discussion – Choosing an SDLC Methodology

Agile and Waterfall are the two most important methodologies used to complete projects within the deadline. Agile is an iterative methodology, and Waterfall, on the other side, is a sequential methodology, and the tasks are usually implemented following linear processes. Waterfall is considered a traditional software development method, and agile is the second most helpful method or approach for project execution. The Waterfall is primarily implemented in a company with a strict hierarchical structure. The different sequence of events within the waterfall methodology involves gathering requirements of document, design, coding and testing, user acceptance testing, maintenance, and delivery (, 2022). Conversely, Agile follows a lean approach to simplify the project with only the necessary requirements. The differences between Agile and Waterfall are as follows.


Agile executes appropriately, even if the score needs to be adequately defined.

Agile involves a smaller or mid-sized team

Agile allows the list of customers to be available in all project steps.

The agile methodology depends on the overall flexibility of the project

Agile follows a cyclic approach.


Waterfall works well only in the case when the score is known in advance

Waterfall involves a large team

Waterfall allows the customer to be available only during the milestone stage.

Waterfall does not depend on the feasibility of the project.

Waterfall follows a sequential design process.

The company must use one SDLC over another to enhance the performance and execution time of the project and also to include most requirements with a minimal budget. The organization must use only one methodology as both have their own drawbacks and benefits and using both can impact the project’s overall development. The company should consider using methodology according to their requirements and enterprise size.

I have personally used the Agile methodology of software development and the experience was amazing as it helped in complete each stage of the project by an appropriate deadline.

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