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CIS 664- Week 8 Discussion

Aug 18, 2023

    QUESTIONS/TOPICS FOR YOUR POST: In a few paragraphs respond to the following questions: What do you see as the most difficult situation you will face and how do you believe this aspect of your communication plan will resolve that situation? Review the communication plan you submitted to the executive team as well as your plans mentioned above and provide the top three areas that you anticipate to be pain points. Why do you believe this will be the case? How will you resolve this and what lessons leamed can be ‘applied in the future?

    Week 8 Discussion

    The communication plan is the outline of how we are going to communicate important information to the stakeholder. The communication plans help to make the channel through which proper communication can take place and people could understand the communication as well. According to me the most difficult situation I will face is the virtual team meeting. Due to the current pandemic situation, all the work is done through the online process even meeting are done virtually. Due to the virtual meeting, various problems arise in communication. The team members belong to different states or cities and some are even out of the country so it becomes difficult to conduct the meeting at the same time where all the members will present because the different countries have different times as well (Marshall et al. 2018, p.1055). Due to some minor issues the conflict also takes place in the organization because people are not able to understand each other well. There are several pain point that arises due to the virtual meeting and some of them are listed below-

    Lack of communication– Due to the virtual meeting all the teammates are available according to their convenient timing and due to that all the members are not present at the same time and the proper discussion or communication did not happen which sometimes led to creating conflict. 

    Team expectations are not met– The detailing of the project does not happen and even the group project did not take properly because people are unable to clear their doubts related to the important aspect and so the team is not able to meet the expectation of the leaders. Therefore it can be said that the team struggles to meet the expectation of the organization.

    Tracking the performance– The virtual meeting lacks the detailing of the work. It is not easy for the team leaders to track the performance of each of the team members. The performances are also determining and it provides a negative effect on the organization and work. 

    The communication plan which should be included so that the solution can be provided to the problem is listed below-

    Define the objective and goal- The main goal of the team leaders is to define the objectives of the meeting so that the members can understand why the meeting is important for them and will know that they can attain the goal only by knowing and acknowledging the work properly and efficiently. 

    Proper media and channels should be chosen- The channel is an important part of the virtual meeting. If the media is not good communication is not possible. The leaders should choose the channel which provides good connectivity and the network as well.

    Updating the team regularly– The team leaders need to update regularly to the team members related on their performances and the work which should be done (Sah., Singh, & Sah, 2020, p.10). It helps the members to understand how they are performing and what changes they should incorporate to win themselves for getting the good work done. 

    The lesson learned and can be applied in the future is that communication can only be effective if the proper understanding can take place, which media should be good with the performance should be tracked every day so that the leaders can know what improvements are required to achieve the target or the goal. 


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