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BUSN 6110- Term Paper

Aug 14, 2023

Writing Guidelines

Each page of your paper MUST include the title of the paper and the page number. Use the header/footer function in Microsoft Word to insert the required information at the top right corner, starting with the title page as page 1. ( – 1 point for each page in error) Your paper MUST follow the APA guidelines and layout below, including types of headings, the flow of information, and what content to include:
Title Page (5 points)
Abstract (5 points)
Introduction (30 points)
Method (60 points)
At a minimum, this is to be the main section and heading of your paper. You may use additional major headings if you wish, and you will probably also want to use subheadings. Results/Discussion (60 points)
At a minimum, this is to be the main section and heading of your paper.

References (20 points)
Per APA, start the “References” section on a new page after the last page of your last section of the paper. This heading is centered. List your reference materials in alphabetical order by author’s last name using a hanging indent (the first line of each reference is flush with the left margin, and additional lines of that reference are indented as a group of a few spaces to the right).

Term Paper


The business of providing delivery service is separate from the business of cooking food. A massive number of resources are required for the arrangement of the process of delivery service, resulting in add-on expenses, such as expenses for labor, buying of vehicles to be used for delivery, etc., of the organization. There has been a huge demand for the produce of the South Beach Pizza and the delivery of the pizzas to the doorstep of the customers has always been preferred by the customers themselves. For fulfilling the purpose of providing a high-quality and efficient delivery service to the customers, the categorization and classification of several significant attributes have been analyzed, and based on those vital requirements have been asserted. The key motive of this paper is to provide a guideline regarding the creation of effective and efficient decisions during the establishment of a process of delivery service by using the knowledge gained during this course. The efficient and effective way of reaching the optimal satisfaction of both the customers and the pizza delivery company is depicted through this flow chart.


A business needs to utilize and increase competition in the market to their advantage to increase their incomes, to do so they must be able to set their goals and strategies to meet their objective of increasing incomes. The primary focus should be kept on meeting customer expectations as all organizations are designed to sell goods and services to customers. Moreover, the ability to generate more profit depends on being able to attract a larger pool of customers. In a competitive market, the needs and wants of the customers must be met with a range of diverse products to not lose them to the competition. Diversification strategies when implemented successfully can improve the business and be able to hold on to a loyal customer base.

In this paper we are observing the case of South Beach Pizza, currently, they offer a sit-down and takeaway service but if they were to expand to a delivery system as well would they be able to attract more customers? The current opinion of the customers expresses a desire for a delivery service, and the prospect of a larger number of orders is expressed by the consumers. The implementation of delivery service would increase the competitiveness of the business but we need to see if the investment is profit-generating or a risk. To form a delivery service, there are certain factors to be taken into account; specifications of the attributes that are desired by the customers, investment in equipment and training, and vehicles. The final stage would be to look at the requirements of the process for both implementations and satisfy customers and figure out an efficient process that solves both profit requirements and customer concerns.


Analysis of the situation through a SWOT Analysis:

The term SWOT stands as an abbreviation of the word’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Some emphasized aspects may be seen in the SWOT Analysis done in Table 1. If one wishes to make significant adjustments, he or she needs to concentrate first on the internal elements which are strengths and weaknesses. The fact that there is a good reputation of the restaurant, plays a major part in the strengths of the company.  On the other hand, regarding the weaknesses, for a business, this phase is complex and necessitates several computations before implementation. It requires time to identify new staff and incorporate them into the company if one decides to go forward with the investments, discover sources of funding, and develop new strategies.

Opportunities and threats are what come into consideration when analyzing external circumstances. Variation in business is the most significant potential. In the current world, businesses must seek out new areas and advancements since competitors may gain a significant advantage in the market if the business in consideration chooses to stay put and carry on with regular operations. A choice to provide a new service may present a chance to attract fresh customers, particularly those who enjoy delicious meals but prefer not to leave their homes. As a result, the market share will increase with the increasing customer base. There have been some threats as well. There is no such thing as a risk-free business. We need to be prepared to face any obstacle that comes our way and hence prepare a suitable plan to implement to combat the risk.

The attributes of the customers for solving the issues in the current situation:

According to the issue, a client should be at the center of the campaign of the company concerned with the actions and solutions. The assessment of delivery service is essential from the perspective of the consumer in this instance. The creation of the listing of the attributes of the delivery service of South Beach Pizza is based on the facts and information which are significant to the customers. Some of the significant attributes of the delivery service which are preferred by the consumers can be asserted as follows:

  1. Ordering made simple and easy to perform
  2. Quick delivery
  3. Convenience in delivery
  4. Delivery made available in a vast area
  5. Accurate estimation of delivery time
  6. Late night or all-day availability of delivery service
  7. Well-behaved delivery guy
  8. Neat uniform
  9. Logo attached to the delivery vehicle
  10. Availability of a website or app for ordering via smartphone.

Organization and grouping of the attributes:

Grouping the attributes according to their key categories is a necessary step to follow after the significant attributes for the delivery service to the customers have been recognized. There are three key categories in which the classification of the listed attributes has been done and those are quality of the employee, convenience, and delivery time.

Employee quality:

Customers prefer well-educated workers. If there had been features of the items which were not always appropriate, an extremely competent staff assures that the customers will still have a good experience. The attributes of workers that are sought in the delivery include:

  1. Well-behaved delivery guy
  2. Neat uniform
  3. Logo attached to the delivery vehicles

The employee who delivers the pizzas must always be polite. A logo of the company must be shown on the front, side, or back of the vehicle through which the pizza is being delivered.  This ensures a sense of safety regarding the employee of the company delivering the pizza.


One of the objectives of the delivery service is to make the experience of the customers more pleasant regarding the product. Increasing convenience can result in a better product experience for the customers and hence the attributes classified under this category are as follows:

  1. Ordering made simple and easy to perform
  2. Convenience in delivery
  3. Delivery made available in a vast area
  4. Availability of a website or app for ordering via smartphone
  5. Late night or all-day availability of delivery service

The creation of the delivery service was specifically for people who do not want to go out and have pizza at a pizzeria. The schedule of the people might be extraordinarily hectic for a variety of reasons that are beyond their control. As a result, the 24-hour service of the company will be highly beneficial to customers, and it will be feasible to charge higher prices for nighttime orders. Furthermore, possessing a smartphone website and/or app substantially streamlines the ordering procedure for clients.

Delivery Time:

The time required for delivery of a product, in general, is essential for any customer, and when comes to food, the importance is even more. Hence comes the importance of this categorization of the attributes. Long delivery time or cold pizza is not something expected by the customers, hence the attributes classified under this category are as follows:

  1. Ordering made simple and easy to perform
  2. Accurate estimation of delivery time

The satisfaction of customers increases when they do not have to wait for long and the order is delivered quickly. Along with this, the provision of accurate estimation of delivery helps the customers make plans, that is, whether to continue with the order or not, inaccurate estimation results in increasing customer grievances.

Course concepts that can be applied:

The topics covered during the course that may be considered in this case would explore assigning extra responsibilities to present employees, but only if they are prepared to undertake different responsibilities. There are six traits, as per Dawson (2018), that can help the process of innovation of the delivery service to succeed. They are as follows:

  1. A interconnected company
  2. Flexibility in the workflows
  3. Worldwide procurement
  4. Partnerships between clients and suppliers
  5. Continual improvement
  6. Enabling technology

Requirements in the process of the delivery service:

The requirements are assumed to be directly related to the attributes asserted above.

Employee quality

Workers should be pleasant and well-dressed at all times. A trademark logo on both sides of the delivery vehicle, or an illuminated logo on top of the vehicle, is required. The management should inspect the appearance of the employees to ensure that they are presentable. Workers are given a notice and sent home if their clothing is not tidy or appropriate. In the poll that would be sent to the customer, the question about whether or not the order was right will be answered to check correctness.

Delivery Time

One can conduct a feedback form to determine the most suitable response times for an order to give a solution that meets the preferred time of the customers. This poll may be included on the website, in the app, or over the phone when a consumer orders pizza. Furthermore, to ensure that the pizza is delivered on time, South Beach Pizza workers must execute the orders as quickly as it is received.


South Beach Pizza must be open throughout the day, that is, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to adequately serve customers. They will provide smartphone applications and websites that will appeal to everyone because the majority of their clients are young and prefer to place purchases over the Internet or through a smartphone application. To determine the “accuracy” of an order, one must first establish an “accuracy rate that is targeted” Although all executives should aspire for 100 percent accuracy, this is unlikely to happen. As a result, an accuracy rate ranging from 90 to 95 percent will be enough. To acquire this statistic, the survey can be distributed to all consumers who have obtained delivery services from the company.


The final results would be a culmination of the analysis and deciding to whether implement a delivery service or not and if so, what are the requirements and specifications for the service. The two-options post-analysis would be to take the risk or stick to the current business plan. Looking at the SWOT analysis, it is seen that there is a good chance for the business to improve if a delivery service is introduced. Since the aim is for higher profits, the organization should utilize all possibilities.

To implement, first market research is required to best understand the customer wants and to minimize the possibilities of risk. The current problem with South Beach Pizza is the lack of a delivery service which is not attracting the volume of customers they would like despite it being quite a popular joint. To start the delivery service there needs to be an introduction plan. The first step is to find out the attributes of the customers in how they want their pizza delivered. This can be done through communication with the customers through various modes. The employees are to be trained to obtain the necessary feedback from them, they can answer a survey via the Internet, application, or through the phone. These responses are separated into groups and the final decisions are made.

Some of the most common conditions of customers include temperature, experience, and service quality. Almost all would prefer their pizzas hot, just as they would in dine-in. The experience of the transaction with the efficiency of the delivery should resemble the in-store experience, good service creates a good experience. Longer delivery times fail to keep the customers happy and it also affects the quality of the food. Therefore, care needs to be taken in choosing the mode of transportation and the delivery areas. Accurate deliveries with the necessary condiments and tissues and such also mark the service quality of the delivery and the subsequent quality of the experience.

Other than customer feedback there are other costs and requirements to think about. First, there needs to be an adequate balance for this investment, if there isn’t then one can consider applying for a loan if viable. The company cannot depend on generating profit solely from one initiative and must look for further paths to improve the business. Expanding the menu or providing new services within the restaurant. Future earnings also would go towards buying new equipment and renovations. Improved service would encourage word-of-mouth reviews and attract new customers and keep the current customer base loyal to the brand.

Delivery service is quite a prominent service offered by an increasing number of food joints and restaurants, and it is quite prudent to start the practice to keep up with the times but there must also be moral-ethical practices involved. When it comes to food, there is an ethical code of conduct to ensure the quality of the ingredients and prepared food to not be harmful to human health. The goal of profit shouldn’t compromise the health and hygiene of food preparation and quality. Sanitation and use of fresh and healthy ingredients is a question of an ethical code of conduct that goes beyond a profit-maximizing objective. 

In conclusion, it is important to have a good plan in place to introduce a new service. Project management is crucial in the initial stages and they should be prepared for most unforeseen situations. In this case, it is logical to begin the delivery service as it fulfills the customer demands and keeps the business on par with other businesses so it retains its competitiveness.


Jacobs, F. R., Chase, R. B., (2020). Operations and Supply Chain Management (16th ed.) [E-book]. McGraw-Hill Higher Education (1/7/2020).

Dawson, R. (2018, October 20). Six characteristics supporting excellence in service delivery innovation. Ross Dawson. Retrieved March 8, 2022, from

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