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BUS 209- W1 Discussion: How to do Academic Research.

Aug 20, 2023

    W1: Discussion

    As graduate students you are expected to understand how to do academic research.

    Review the assignment for next week. Select a potential scholarly article from the last 10 years that you may use for your research paper. A scholarly article is from an academic journal and is peer-reviewed. Make sure that these are selected when you search the APUS library. If you are having issues, make sure to chat, email or call an APUS librarian. Answer the following questions:

    1. What is the hypothesis within the article?
    2. How will this hypothesis help with making better business decisions?
    3. How would you integrate this information into your organization?

    W1 Discussion

    “What is the hypothesis within the article?”

    The discussion on the topic “Different leadership styles preferred in various industries amidst the Covid-19 pandemic” discusses various forms of leadership that multiple industries had adopted in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. The article’s hypotheses comprise the basic leadership forms, their traits, importance, and the leadership style followed by the numerous industries. Moreover, a multi-factor leadership questionnaire was used to conduct the research on this topic. Throughout the article, different research methodologies and findings are used to arrive at the outcome in the end (Komal & Singh, 2021). This article is framed upon the sample of 62 respondents that consists of various employees operating in the position of manager in different companies of various industries. Through the leadership questionnaire, significant data has been collected through Whatsapp and Emails to make the research paper more accurate.

    “How will this hypothesis help with making better business decisions?”

    The hypothesis statement stated above will help make better organizational decisions because, through this research study, we can learn about various forms of leadership and other activities related to leadership. Through the hypothesis, the organization can also be able to improve the decision-making skills and communication among the leaders and teammates of the organization (Komal & Singh, 2021). Furthermore, it will create a tone in the organization that helps the leaders to motivate their team members the most and inspires the employees to grow and achieve the organizational goals.

    “How would you integrate this information into your organization?”

    Strong and effective leadership is vital for organizational success. If the organization wants to achieve its goals, it is required to have a strong leader that motivates the employees and team members to achieve its goals. Even during difficult times, leaders of the organization are responsible for maintaining a sustainable organizational environment (Komal & Singh, 2021). I will integrate the above hypothesis statement of the article in my organization by becoming a strong and motivating leader to ensure that not only organizational goals are achieved. Instead, make sure that the employees can also work on their interpersonal skills.


    Komal, T. & Singh, V., (2021) “Leadership and its styles preferred in multiple industries concerning Covid-19 Pandemic.” IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM), 23(02), pp. 53-57.

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