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BSB 301- Week 1 Assignment

Aug 29, 2023


To help find the answer, read the Determine document audience and purpose and Establish key points topics of Lesson

Micro Plan Document Design.

Click on the attached file to download a PDF version of the micro (see below).

List 4 examples of purposes associated with the development of business documents.

Then, list 3 examples of key points that may need to be included within business documentation.          

Week 1 Assignment

When the business is operating multi-nationally in multiple countries, then the business must understand the legal issues that might prevail over the business premises. Meanwhile, this is very crucial for start-ups to prepare legal business documentation for their premises and understand the governing body of the business. According to the reports submitted to the National Law Review, the businesses that are running overseas need to present and have their business documents that are legally right and accepted (Fischer, Imgrund, Janiesch, & Winkelmann, 2020). The review explained that many American companies have increased running their business overseas from 49% in the year 2008 to 72% in 2010. However, if the business does not have documents when running overseas, then it needs to face a lot of legal ramifications. With the business documents, the public and government can be able to know the story of the business, their origins, rights, journey, and goals which pushes them to move forward. Meanwhile, the main purpose of business documents is that offer business governance, keep the business compliance, unzip various growth opportunitie, and overall safeguard the integrity of the organization (TMF Group, 2016). There can be different types of business documents such as

Emails and memorandums

Organizations to convey information and data and to be in touch with the employees and clients use emails and memorandums. Meanwhile, earlier email was not used widely, instead, the memorandum had been used for intraoffice messages. Even after emails have become prevalent, memos are still used by organizations where the message is meant to accompany specific files. Moreover, memos provide more privacy than emails. Businesses can use emails to share anything from short routine information requests to responses. For example, many businesses develop promotional emails where they might be promoting their products and services of new ranges or discounts. On the other hand, memos can be comparatively tricky as such memos have been used to communicate with multiple audiences. For example, a business is generating a new policy and informing its employees about it through memos. Therefore, employees might want to know more about the policy.

Business letters for outside communication

Organizations tend to use business letters for communicating with individuals who are working outside their premises. In the letter, the recipients may vary from customers, colleagues, service providers, and professionals who advise the business, government officials, and job applicants. The business letter is formatted in the block style where all the elements of the letters except its head are aligned perfectly with the left margin (Tingum, 2019). A business letter can be either delivered by mail or by post. Organizations often write letters during their tenure as such they can use business letters to inform the new candidate about their joining and hiring.

Business reports for conveying information

A business report conveys the data and information in a formal and longer format than letters. It can be written for a variety of topics which comprises safety compliance, sales figures, feasibility studies, financial data, marketing plans, etc. A business report may also comprise statistics, graphs, charts, survey results, and more. It can be published for the benefit of investors and the organization as a whole. The reports may have everything about the business and often business owners develop the business reports on an annual basis for measuring and determining the sales, annual profits, production cost, and others.

Transactional documents

The business uses transactional documents to transact with their clients and it is a very time-saving document for the business (Tingum, 2019). It can be formatted in various forms such as a transmittal page, order form, receipt, and invoice. Moreover, the transactional documents used by the businesses may vary from the business nature. Organizations nowadays use web invoicing methods to prepare the transaction documents of their clients and customers respectively. Therefore, this method ensures that all the payments have been received by the business on time.


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