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WRTG 111- Week 3 Topic 1: Freedom and Security in Real Life

Aug 24, 2023

Week 3 Topic 1: Freedom and Security in Real Life

Whether it be larger issues like cybersecurity and terrorism or a more personal issue such as monitoring our children’s online activity, the tension between freedom and security is always present. In this discussion, you will share one of your experiences with freedom and security, and you will examine the experiences of your classmates.

Reflect on your experiences with freedom and security in a personal or professional setting and write 2-3 paragraphs where you:

(1) Describe your experience

(2) Tell how the experience impacted your perspective on freedom and security

(3) Demonstrate the grammar and writing skills covered in the previous weeks

Week 3 Topic 1: Freedom and Security in Real Life

Most governments across the globe consider protecting their populations from possible threats to be one of their top concerns. The government or organization for which we work occasionally limits our independence in order to protect our safety and security. These constraints can take numerous forms, such as the security checks we must undergo or the objects we are not permitted to bring into a professional setting.

My encounters have ranged from professional to casual. This might be due to my understanding of the government’s viewpoint. In addition, I recognize that appropriate limitations on our freedom exist to safeguard us. As a result, even if a little restriction on my independence frustrates me at times, the long-term effect is rarely one of dissatisfaction. This is because I recognize that the ultimate goal of institutions is to protect us, even if it means putting some legitimate constraints on our freedom.

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