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WRTG 111- Week 2 Topic 2: Language in the Workplace

Aug 24, 2023

Week 2 Topic 2: Language in the Workplace

In this discussion, you will share your perspective on language in the workplace and you will examine the perspectives of your classmates. Be sure 10 review the. assigned readings before you begin this discussion.

Week 2 Topic 2: Language in the Workplace

Considering the Candidate and the Position by John A. Challenger was the book I chose to read because it spoke to me the most. This drew my attention since Challenger uses an “old-school technique” to discuss a problem I believe exists in modern culture. I occasionally find myself saying, “I guess I’m just old-school,” about how we used to conduct business. But things have changed drastically in today’s culture. Younger people usually have fresh, original ideas and are better able to do tasks quickly and efficiently. I think change is the key to finding the answer. Change is unwelcome in society as a whole. We like to keep things the way they are because we feel comfortable utilizing them. We are reluctant to offer new ideas because we believe they won’t be successful.

I like that Challenger brought up the prospect of a job offer being accepted or turned down due to language. Why do people worry so much about grammar when most jobs only require you to have basic communication and grammar skills and don’t ask you to publish articles or offer proof for a thesis? It requires, in my opinion, paying close attention to the details. If you were applying for a position at a Fortune 500 company, I can see how they may have such strict requirements, but if you were seeking, say, a position as a secretary at a doctor’s office, I don’t see the need for them.

Loyalty, respect, and trust are my guiding ideals. All three of my main points, in my opinion, affect how language and power are used. The first step in building trust with your staff is to establish clear channels of communication and mutual respect. This creates a friendly atmosphere where everyone may feel comfortable exchanging ideas and asking questions. If you have gained their trust, you can also count on their loyalty. As a result, you can be sure that they will always act honorably and never attempt to cut shortcuts. And last, respect is something you acquire through time. One method to gain the respect of your team members and other leaders is to request open criticism from them.


Challenger, J. (2012, August 13). Consider the candidate and the position. New York Times.

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