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WRTG 111- Assignment 5

Sep 13, 2023

Assignment 5

How does this suggestion help you for the next essay?

What techniques or methods did you learn that helped you write an area of essay 1 with confidence?

What steps might you need to take to write well or Components for this assignment?

Meets 300 400 word requirement for Gordon Rule

Part 1: Provides » grading comment and answers the question with examples.

Part 2: Answers the question with specific examples and thoughtful ideas

Part 3: Reflects on ways to approach essay 2 with specific steps

                             Assignment 5                                

Part 1: 

The comment from the instructor on my previous work has helped me to develop my skills and helped me to understand the flaws. Yet, this is true that I have been making some grammatical errors in the assignment, which I would like to rectify in the coming assignment. On the other hand, I agree that I often start a sentence with a “first-person.” I shall stop doing this in the following essay. Apart from this, due to my tough schedule of work, I often fail to submit my file right on time. However, I am not punctual and have various issues with my time management. Moreover, from the next time onward, I shall submit my file on time with quality writing on it. Yet, from the next time onwards, I shall not make any mistakes and shall follow the instructions given by the instructors previously.      

Part 2: 

Yet, the selected topic to complete the essay was “Ocean Pollution and the urgent need to protect it.” Yet, several standards of techniques are followed to control “ocean pollution.” The methods mentioned in the essay were that the marine department has been working on stopping any further chemical discharge in the ocean water, throwing away trash, or implementing hazardous waste. Moreover, in order to develop Essay 1, analysis and articulation of Essay 2 would be implemented that helped me to develop confidence enough to develop my skills to learn how the Environment is in danger, especially the seas. Likewise, proper measures and engineered techniques are applied in order to help ocean life. Moreover, the suggestion from the first essay inspired me to develop my academic as well as my writing skills. Thus, I developed the confidence to write well with proper context and without any grammatical errors this time.  

Part 3: 

The steps which I need to follow in order to complete Essay 2 are as follows:

  • Learning from various articles about the right measures to preserve Oceanic life.
  • This essay will be conducted as a measure to prevent the ocean from getting polluted, where plants and animals or the ecosystem of marine life are disturbed.
  • Perfectly written sentences with no grammatical errors, and the essay to be properly formatted.
  • It will be properly formatted with MLA citation, in-text citation as well and quote citing.
  • This essay will consist of information from the Ocean Conservancy headquarters in Washington, DC.

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