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LST 470- Module 6: Comment on Kris Dwyer’s Scene 1

Sep 11, 2023


Choose one of the screenplays and compose a response. Your response needs to refer in some specific and meaningful way to both the screenplay and to the Authors’ Notes. (Please do not praise or criticize.) As you do this, make a point/argument about the problem I’ve just described: the conflict over measurement. In all of these screenplays, you’ll find a different context within which this problem proceeds.  The details are more, or perhaps less obvious, in each screenplay. A good response will be able to identify something interesting. A very good response will clearly elaborate on something interesting. However, an outstanding response will say something interesting via an elaboration of the problem of measurement. I’m hoping that everyone will have something interesting to say. The length of your response is up to you, but I’d say that it wouldn’t be possible to complete even the first level of achievement (identifying something interesting) without writing a good paragraph or two.

Module 6 Comment on Kris Dwyer’s Scene 1

Scene 1 by Kris Dwyer presents the reality of the unempathetic approach of people towards a person with addictive behaviors. Sarah’s inclination towards her phone and social media even when she is physically present with her friends. Her fear, anxiety, and dissatisfaction despite her achievements in life reveal her disturbed mental state.

However, her friends do not know about it. The scene shows disconnected human relationships in the 21st century, where more or less every individual is concerned about their image on social media.

Furthermore, the management of the company in which Sarah works shows an even more unempathetic attitude toward the companies that do not value their employees but are more concerned about their public image.

The fresh graduate Sarah has to lose her job because of her panic about losing her phone. Such an attitude of the management authorities raises the question of the value of employees. Initially, it may seem that Sarah has joined a very reputed firm; however, at the end of the scene, the management’s decision to dismiss Sarah over just a trivial instance reveals the inhumane approach of the company towards their employee.

Despite being recognized as reputed organizations, many leading companies are more concerned about their public image than valuing their employee, who is the primary resource. Overall the scene not only shows the disconnected human relationships and social media addiction but also reveals the lack of humanistic approach of the companies towards their employees.

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