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ENGL 68: Week 1 Assignment: Journal

Sep 12, 2023

1. Please Complete the reading (BAC, Ch. 18) then respond to the prompt below.

2. Please type a one to one-and-a-half page, double-spaced, MLA formatted response to the prompt below.

3. Please upload your finished assignment as a PDF or Docx file.

#4″ Assignments

Trevor Noah tells the story of his mother being a victim of gun violence at the hands of her ex-husband. He also reflects on his own feelings about the situation–why his mother did not leave at the first signs of abuse, having a second child with Abel, etc. What is your perspective of the situation? Do you have empathy for both Trevor and his mother, or does Patricia have less agency than Trevor believes she does? Explain.

Week 1 Assignment: Journal

Trevor Noah’s autobiography “Born a Crime” details his childhood experiences as well as his mother’s life when she was in a relationship with Abel for years that was violent. He also narrates about the phase of life that was tough as they faced severe financial crises. Coming back to the start of the chapter, we can see the bond between Trevor and Patricia is enriching, and he considers her as a “teammate.” He believes in her powerful personality and beauty that is both inside and outside.

As readers, we can also trust Trevor’s perspective since Patricia’s profession, and her thoughts about women in South African society are mature and practical. Being a theist who is truly devoted to God, Patricia’s nature is always full of hope.

 After marrying Abel, when Patricia faced the first sign of abuse, she did not accept it and stood up for the wrong. She is seen to be aware as she directly went to the police station after the abuse. This again develops a sense in Trevor that her mother does what is necessary at the moment. Similar intelligence was seen when they had a money shortage, and Patricia sold everything to help the family survive. She also worked with Abel to contribute to the business.

The struggles of the outside world, whether it was apartheid or the status of Black women in South African society, did not stop her from getting ahead in life. That is why Trevor always considered Patricia had some power to leave behind her ex-husband Abel and live without any violence. He did not get why it was so necessary for her mother to keep compromising with such a toxic partner.

Although Trevor expresses that as he grew and understood his mother, she told him about the reasons for sticking around and having a second child with Abel. According to societal norms, she had to deal with judgments and people who were not supportive in spite of being in power. Patricia had no other option, and if she had left Abel, he would have killed her.

That was not a wrong assumption as he attempted to murder her by shooting later. Out of a miracle, she was stabilized and soon healed. Thus it can be understood that having power does not influence the actions of people.

Many factors at the personal and societal levels influence decisions. It is empathetic as a reader to realize how some famous people had challenging childhoods, and despite all the drawbacks, they are kind to society.

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