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ENGL 210- Week 2 Discussion: Beginning Your Research

Sep 9, 2023

Week 2 Discussion: Beginning Your Research

For this discussion complete the following readings. Then, answer the three questions that follow in a separate paragraph for each question

Discussion Board = Chapter 47 (pp. 479-488); Chapter 48 (pp. 489-510)

First, review the readings carefully. In one paragraph, share a tip or fact about research and/or about sources that you learned from the readings. Then, share a tip or a skill that you have used while conducting research in the past that Week 1 was successful. Be sure to cite your reading.

Second, reflect on your research methodology. Briefly describe and contrast what your process has been and what it will be in this course

Third, Review your feedback on Milestone 1. Then, identify which topic you will pursue and summarize your topic argument. It may not be finalized, and that is acceptable. Describe your position in depth. List 3-5 search terms you might consider using. You may include a word cloud by using EdWordle. Be sure to comment briefly on the keywords’ strength and effectiveness.

Week 2 Discussion: Beginning Your Research


In doing research, one must have various technical skills to accomplish research work. We all know that research requires extensive gathering, understanding, and reading related to literature, where one must comprehend the skills and ability to identify reliable resources. As mentioned in the Little Seagull handbook, finding appropriate resources will take time to involve a series of steps. I need to classify the primary and secondary resources depending on the paper to verify the needed content and materials I have gathered. The author’s credibility should be checked with the publication date, the relevance of the information, and the author’s perspective. However, I want to share another great tip for accomplishing the things in the mentioned source. While researching, one must use WH questions to research the evidence. It helps to identify the scope of study that sets boundaries and supports the research claims. It enhances the appropriation of resources and identifies the types of resources. In the same book, authors should use library websites before a commercial search engine. Using library websites will help to find more reliable scholarly resources (Bullock, Brody & Weinberg, 2020, p.88).

Some things I have learned throughout the years are based on research, which I need to organize. It helps to handle the research data required for supporting resources used in the study. I always make a personal bibliography that might change the utilization of index cards and make the bibliography. The information changes with a perspective where the author, date, publisher, page number, and paragraph indent number are also used. The URL site has also helped in gathering information about the literature. However, I like to use small paragraphs containing the information of extracted material and recommend the Norton Field Guide book as one of the effective techniques to help the researchers easily handle resources. The recommendation of a rough draft would also be produced to efficiently picture the scope of the study when needed (Bullock, Goggin & Weinberg, 2016, p.88).


Research methodology is a specific process that tends to identify, select, and analyze the selected topic. In my research paper, the methodology would allow the readers to critically evaluate the study by understanding intellectual forms and making meaningful reflections. It helps to gather advanced knowledge with specific applications in a systematic way.

For my topic, I have used qualitative and quantitative research methodology helped to clarify the research inquiry and beginning stage of research. It would help to analyze the systematic principle of methods, rules, and potentialities which could be applied in the description of methods. However, while applying resources, I would apply the data with similarities, experiments, and derived facts.

In contrast with the course, the methodology is derived from procedures for conducting scientific research. It is the field of inquiry where several features are distinguished from the methods of obtaining knowledge. However, scientific researchers have proposed the phenomena of designed evidence to test the hypothesis from the given topic. Therefore, systematic gathering of data and information helps to analyze the advanced knowledge and practical questions.


The topic I will pursue is Paybacks and Delusions Surrounding Immunizationspatient problems in the US.”. My argument would be constructed on great solutions for US citizens where proper vaccination is not provided. However, some individuals are against it because they think vaccination might pursue obligation. During the pandemic, many people have faced the issue of medical facilities. Due to this, most of the laborers and nurses who worked in the vaccine department have faced a patient problems. People think by giving vaccines, there would be a problem that might lead to death (Bullock, Brody & Weinberg, 2020, p.78).

To solve this issue, I would like to advise the patients that vaccination plays a vital role in the human body. It prevents illness and improves the possibilities of awareness so that individuals can actively participate in this procedure.

The three search terms I would consider are:

  • Immune: Immunization is a procedure that protects people from a severe illness. It is one of the greatest health successes in controlling viruses with its helpful features. According to WHO, it is being stated that immunized against infection has helped individuals overcome the disease.
  • Intravenous: It is an effective neuropathy pain relief medicine that controls headaches and post-operative pain. The main strength of the intravenous drug is circulating the blood volume and administering proper facility to patients requiring plasma concentration.
  • Antibodies: It is used to measure the antigen and protects the function of bodily fluids. Its main strength is to immune the human body system and identify the virus.


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