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ENGL 110- Week 9 Discussion

Aug 14, 2023

1. In Project Hail Mary, Andy Weir makes some fascinating speculations about how the world might react to a global crisis from an outside source. In what ways do you think he gets this right, and in what ways do you think the world would react differently?

Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words. Responses to peers should be at least 75 words and should try to engage with, or add something to, their ideas.

Week 9 Discussion

1. Project Hail Mary’s premise is centered on the World’s fight against an Extra-terrestrial threat. The world is attacked by Astrophages lowering the warmth of the Sun and in the process pushing the earth towards the ice age. Earth had a very less amount of time. The manner in which the Earth reacts can be best described as authoritarian. There was no respect for Consent, reflected in the way Grace was treated. He was forced to experiment on Astrophages as well as going on the mission. The dignity of the atmosphere was also compromised, as evidenced by Antarctica getting heated up and the gross misuse of the Kazakhstani Desert (Weir, p.20). The primary motive was survival, which led to multiple countries uniting in their efforts, but at the same time as Stratt hints, this same element will lead to them being at war with each other. Societal aspects like hierarchy, protocols, and economy took a back seat. This indicates the superficiality of these aspects in an apocalypse-like situation.

Andy Weir’s analysis of the reactionary measures taken by the world in such a situation is mostly apt. The centrality of survival will definitely push everything to the background, with most of the efforts directed toward preservation. Individualism will definitely get subsided, to give more precedence to the community. The pooling of resources to develop, Project Hail Mary by various countries, keeping their enmity aside, is also adequate.

Though the presence of a figure like Stratt seems debatable in the real world. Her authority in the novel has been explained by the fact that the presence of a group in her place will hinder or delay the process of decision-making. In real life, the group might be made smaller like the permanent members of the UN Security Council, but at the end of the day, it would be a group. Since, an individual cannot be trusted to be unbiased enough, to handle the safety of the world.


Weir, Andy. Project Hail Mary, 2018

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