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ENGL 110- Week 8 Discussion: Essay 2 Assignment Topic

Aug 14, 2023

Tell us about one of the sources you are using or plan to use for essay 2 (this might require you to first find such a source!). What kind of a source is it? Where did you find it? Why do you think it will be useful in your paper? How do you/did you plan to use it?

Remember that initial discussion posts must thoughtfully address the topic, and must be at least 125 words.

Week 8 Discussion: Essay 2 Assignment Topic

One of the sources I am planning to use in my Essay 2 assignment is, “Delaying Sexual Onset: Outcome of a Comprehensive Sexuality Education Initiative for Adolescents in Public Schools.” By Ramírez-Villalobos, Dolores, Tonatiuh Tomás Gonzalez-Vazquez, Juan Francisco Molina-Rodríguez, Ma. Guadalupe Ruelas-González and Jacqueline Elizabeth. The source is research. The source was found by me on EBSCOhost, available in the library database. Since my chosen topic deals with the requirement of Sex Education in school. The research backs up my claim that Sex Education in a comprehensive manner should be taught in public schools.

The report through a detailed study has come out with the findings that Sex Education was successful in delaying Sexual Activity in maximum students. The research analyses the effect of counseling on the sexual behavior of students in public schools. A logistic regression model was applied concerning teachers having proper knowledge and the sexual debut age of the various students. During the process, they were also made aware of various methods of contraception, as a part of the curriculum in Comprehensive Sex Education.

These findings prove the stand that Sex Education is necessary to safeguard adolescents. The findings show that students not only become more aware of STDs and various aspects of physical intimacy, but they also garner self-confidence. In the Essay, the factors of gaining confidence and understanding consent have been listed as pro points for the argument. The research, therefore, functions as a vital component. The requirement of a well-trained individual has also been emphasized in the Essay. The research has also been used to understand the importance of having well-trained teachers to conduct sex education classes.

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